Top 40 Electrician Pick Up Lines

electrician pick up lines
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“You are my AA battery, you charge me up.
I am an electrician who may not want to distinguish these flames that spreading in our souls.
I am an electrician who won’t ever forget to fix these broken wires inside our poor hearts.
We should fly with our hands and sing the beautiful theme from the tangled wires of our love.
This love is like an electrician because it can fix everything and make it feel like brand new.
Let me count this as a spark that goes right along with our limbs and lights our bones in flames.
You are the electrician who wants to make me feel like burning in the passion of our love.
Let us dance along with these small sparks of the plug while we can watch it burn the bridges.
I am the electrician who can make it more worthwhile when we can fix the circuit of our love.
Let me be the one who can make you smile and run the engines of your heart like the usual.
I want to be an electrician who can fix your heart and link it with all my love for you forever.
I want to sing you a lovely lullaby and let the emotions connect us to the center of the world.
I am an electrician who can link this love to our joy and the greater beauty of your smile.
I will show you my love which is full of sparks that can start a fire for the rest of our lives.
Are you in the Kelvin scale? Because you are an easy 283.
Are you a rectifier? because Im only seeing the positive side of you.– Wayne
Baby, If you want to see some real fireworks tonight, let me show you my ultra capacitor
Call me Relay, because I am ready to turn you on.
Can I earth you? You seem to be at a high potential.
Did it hurt? When you fell from 5 Volts?
Do you not have any resistance? Because you are the component of my dreams.
Don’t be all Harvard with me. I think we should make like von Neumann and get together.
Ey bby, are you purely resistive?Cause I feel like we’re in phase.
Girl, if you and I magnetically coupled our windings, we could transform the world.
Girl, you must be an electron because you electrify me.
Girls are like solenoids, the flux only changes if you add some motion to your bar magnet.
Hey baby, if you play your cards right we might just become a twisted pair tonight.
Hey baby, is your heart wired normally open or normally closed?
I like my women like I like my oscilloscopes, easy to read and expensive.
You’re so hot that my resistors are melting down.
I’m like an LED on a dev board. Your 0 turns me on.
Let me be the input to your d-flip flop.
Lets go back to my place and Ill show you the difference between series and parallel.
What’s my V-drop? Your panties.
When the frequencies get high, I’ll be your capacitor. Always open for you.
I’m a lot like a phasor, my relationship status is always complex.
You and I are so perfect, want to make a complete circuit?
You are like a 250 W halogen, you brighten my world.
You are like low frequency alternating current, you turn me on, then turn me off.
You could say I’m pretty reckless. The only law I live by is Ohm’s.
You must be the North Pole of a magnet, because I’m the South Pole and I can’t stay away.


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