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Phone number Pickup Lines - Best Phone number Pick up Lines

Phone number Pickup Lines - Best Phone number Pick up Lines

Do you have a beautiful lady you which to contact through her phone number? Have you just purchased a new phone and you desire to save new phone numbers in it? There are different ways through which you can req... [read more]

Chessy-But-Cute Pickup Lines

Chessy-But-Cute Pickup Lines

Are you feeling lonely? Do you wish to get along with your loved ones with exciting content? If yes, you need to use some romantic, funny, and cute pick up lines. Nowadays, many Chessy-But-Cute pickup lines are... [read more]

[Top 40] Letterkenny pick up lines and Quotes

“Hard no.” — Wayne “We need backup, boys.” — Jonesy “Where’s the sacrifice?” — Jones “Not my pig, not my farm.” — Wayne “I’m too fat to run.” — Squirrelly Dan “Oh, c’mon, where’s your jam, bud?” —Reilly “Pitter-patter, let’s get at ‘er.” —...... [read more]

25+ Reptile Snake Pick Up Lines

Im using “I keep herps” it just isnt working for me! Wanna see my cobra? It’s almost six feet long.. Want to come home and stroke my python? I keep heaps of pets, I have one of the rarest species in the world.the trouser...... [read more]

Top 50+ Mardi Gras Pick up lines from New Orleans

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy crawfish and that’s sort of the same thing.. Remember that Mardi Gras we fell in love? You will next year. Not even Katrina could stop Mardi Gras. You, me, Netflix and mimosas with no pants on....... [read more]

[Top 150] Supermarket,Grocery,Shopping Mall Related Pick Up Lines!

Can I help you? Let’s get dirty. Them: “Why’s that?” Isn’t it tuber time? What a huge eggplant. How early do you rise? Clean up in Aisle BVD! Are those melons fresh? This selection is nuts. These plums are so soft. Want to cross pollinate?...... [read more]

[Top 30] Clock,Watch Pick Up Lines That Are Right On Time!

Do you have the time? I’m easy like Sunday morning. Can I adjust your body clock? When I’m with you, time disappears. If beauty were time, you’d be an eternity. Excuse me, but I DO think it’s time we met. What time do you have...... [read more]

[Top 100] British Chat Up Lines and One Liners For Slang Romance !

Your search is over, here I am. Nice legs! What time do they open? What would you like for breakfast? You are an oasis in my desert of life. Do you sleep on your chest? No? May I? How’d’ya fancy going halves on a bast@rd?...... [read more]

[Top 40] Pick Up Lines To Impress a Southern Guy or Girl!

You want to? Alright. So when is my baby due? You need to try some lines like “hey sis, you got plans tonight? Did you fart? Cuz you blew me away I cant say some of the ones I know. Hey do you have any...... [read more]

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