[Top 100] Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

by Annie Rosy

Your hotter than Apollo at dawn 🙂
Wanna make war?with my mind and yours?
Are you Medusa?‘cause you make me hard.
You’re like Apollo,you make me hot. ;’)
I’m a Cyclops – and I’ve got my eye on you.
Who needs Blackjack…When I can ride you?
I don’t need my sword to make you a backbiter
[Top 100] Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines
[Top 100] Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines
You must be Mr D..
because I’m drunk on you.
Your A$$ is like Apollo’s Maserati.…I wanna ride.
I love you..like how Tyson loves peanut butter :))
there? or are you just really happy to see me too?
I don’t need Hermes to tell you.How much I Love You
You must be a child of Aeolus.‘Cause you blew me away.
Are you a Child of Poseidon?Because you’re so S#x sea.
You a Satyr?I wouldn’t mind you playing my reed pipes.
What has teeth that can hold back a monster?My zipper.
Are you a nymph?because you’re too pretty to be mortal.
I’ll get inside you – and take you to heaven and back.
If I was the Last Olympian.
would you go out with me?
I think I’m the oracle,….because your future is with me.
With you… every day is enchilada day at the cafeteria.
You must be the S#xan Lord.
cause baby, you’re golden.
I am not Hephaestus
‘cause I like people, especially you
Are You Nico Di Angelo?‘cause everything you do is cute. :’)
Are you a daughter of Poseidon?Because you rock my world. 🙂
I bet you’re the son of Hermes…cause you just stole my heart
Are you a child of Zeus?
because this feeling is electric.
Are you Lady Hecate?
Because I burn up when I’m with you.
I can’t rock the world..
but i can rock the underworld!!!
I look forward to meeting and forming pick up lines with you. :
Are you Persephone?
‘cause when you left, I felt cold inside
I don’t need a sand dollar…
because baby, you’re priceless.
Are you a child of Hephaestus?
cause you get me all worked up
Are you Zeus’ kid?Because everytime I see you I see sparks fly.
Aphrodite and her beauty can’t persuade me to love someone else..
Your eyes is as blue a the Caspian Sea.
I’m lost in your eyes….
I hope we’re not related,cause its too hard to stay away from you.
Are you Bianca di Angelo?… Cause I want a caring sister like you..
What does nectar taste like?
it can’t compare to your lips, babe
Are your Circe?
‘cause I become your guinea pig when I’m with you
Are you sure you’re not a pearl?
Because I gotta crush (on) you.
Are you one of the Stoll brothers?
‘cause you just raided my heart
I don’t need Poseidon to rock my world
‘cause you do it way better
Are you Poseidon’s Daughter?
‘cause you drown me in your beauty. 😀
Are you Apollo’s child?Because we could make beautiful music together.
It’s not the Lotus Flower I’m addicted to
because, baby, it’s you.
You must be a snack bar.
Because dam, girl, I could just eat you up.
You must be a Lotus Flower
‘cause I forgot my purpose when I saw you
Were your parents Greek Gods?’cause it takes two gods to make a goddess.
Are you one of the Stoll brothers?
‘cause you just broke into my life
I may not be from cabin 9,… but I know that I can fix your broken heart.
Are you a kid of Apollo?Because you light up my world like NOBODY else! <3
Can I request for my quest?… a quest in which I can learn how to love you.
Are you the Last Olympian?
‘cause you’re the most important in my world
Are you lady Hecate?
because i feel warm and at home when i’m with you:)
TURN THE LIGHTS OFF…besides everything better in black.. don’t you think?
Apollo and/or his muses can’t compare to the beautiful music we make together
You must be a Child of Zeus.Cos the moment when I saw you, You blew me away.
Are you a child of Apollo?
‘cause you healed my broken heart when you sang
Did you go training at Camp-Half Blood?Because all the training payed off. :>
I don’t need Enchanted Pearls
‘cause to be with you is where I want to be.
I’m about to fight Telekhines
better kiss me now before you lose your chance
I know I’m going to sound like Medusa
But you’ve got the most beautiful eyes.
My Love for you… surpA$$es the 600th floor of The Empire State Building Olympus.
We must be in the Lotus Hotel – because baby, we’ve got all the time in the world.
You must be the son of Poseidon…cause when you touch me, I know you will heal me..
Are you a daughter of Apollo?… Because I know we can make beautiful music together.
You must be one of the Aphrodite daughters….…cause I was blinded with your beauty
You wanna know how deep my love is for you?It’s as Deep like the Pits of Tartarus.
Girl, I think you know where my Achilles heel is
Because you aimed for my heart.
Do you have any Ambrosia or Nectar?I think I scrapped my knee, when I fell for you.
You wanna know how deep my love is for you?It’s as Deep like the Pits of Tartarus. <3
I uhh aahh ggaahh -drools !
oh no! someone just spotted the daughter of Aphrodite !!
You must be Argus- I see you eyeing me up.… I love you more than all the eyes of Argus.
Are you a child of Hephaestus?… because you made my heart burn with a fiery pA$$ion for you.
Are you sure you’re not a kid of Hermes?Because you seem to have something of mine… my heart.
My Love for you burns like…
the bright high voltage of Zeus’ Lightnings across the midnight sky
Maybe you’re very good in playing Capture the Flag..because even my heart, you know how to get it.
Are you Aphrodite and Hera’s mother?
‘cause your beauty surpA$$es even the most beautiful goddesses of olympus
Maybe I should start calling you “Seaweed brain”
Cause you sure have a lot of salt water inside of your head.
Seeing you is like when I am in the labyrinth.
I don’t know how to think, just following my heart to be with you.
“Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.To storm or fire, the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.”
One on one with Luke Castellan:
Percy: Is that your backbiter or are you just happy to see me?
Luke: I might ask you the same, Percy. Is that your riptide
[Top 100] Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines 2
[Top 100] Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines 2

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