[Top 30] Rick and Morty Pick Up Lines

by Maria Line

Stay outta my personal space
Keep away from my personal space
Get outta that personal space
Stay away from my personal space
Keep away from that personal space
In an infinite number of universes I’d pick you in all of them.
Rick and Morty Time BIATCH!
[Top 30] Rick and Morty Pick Up Lines
[Top 30] Rick and Morty Pick Up Lines
Either way, she just responds “lol”
Head bent over. Raised up posterior!
I mean, the Regular Show is good too.
Show me what you got under that shirt
My reaction to Rick and Morty incest.
I need you more than Rick needs Morty. 21
Get Schwifty with me this Valentine’s Day 4
I love you more than summer loves her phone.
This can only go really well or really poorly.
Agreed, but it’s not as good as rick and morty.
“I have to fulfill my purpose so I can go away!”
Surprised there isn’t a gif for that, would love it.
Mmm, extra curvy driftwood, you’re looking damn fine…
Today is currently sponsored by hipster Rick and Morty
In an infinite number of universes I’d pick all of you. 1
I hope this isn’t staged and this girl is still very confused.
You are late to the party friend. Everyone gets the references.
I guess this mayyy be the only time she should not get schwifty
DAYUM (girl/ boy/ other gender) you looking like curvy driftwood!
Ok some of these are really stupid so if you need help just ask lol
Would you have a better relationship with me than Jerry and Beth. 3
If I were a Meeseeks I’d stay at your side for at least three days. 6
This opener just leads to disappointmenr of girls who cant appreciate art.
My reaction when I found out season 3 of Rick and Morty will be aired in 2017
I Fu©ked a bloke entirely over rick and morty so just try again with another girl!
She’s a huge fan and I bet there’s some amazing pick up lines that you guys could make from the show.
As a chick if someone used Rick & Morty as a pick up line it would be an automatic yes for a first date
i could see her guessing that, for some reason evert episode of regular $h!t ends with some bizarre other dimension nonsense
My reaction when other people with Rick and Morty blogs like/ reblog my posts. (Well I also scream ‘YAY I MADE IT!’ But whatever…)
No regrets. A more awesome woman would have sent a pic or a gif of that “there’s one every season” planet getting torched and popped.
At least she watches Adult Swim and animation. Would not disqualify immediately. I call missed opportunity to be seen as a God for introducing her to R&M.
When you’re feeling low and or dumb just remember FOX rejected Rick and Morty for being futurama (which is still awesome and I will never be over episode ‘meanwhile’).
This would be funnier if the prople had no idea what the person was talking about. But because the show is very popular its not as funny. The jokes are overplayed. Its not original
I don’t know, but I’ve only had a handful of real conversations on any dating app. I’ll say something or ask a question and sure get a response, but there’s never any effort to continue from them. I just feel like I’m talking at the person.

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