[Top 30] Korean Pick Up Lines That Melt Korean Women!

by Annie Rosy

Sa-rang hae
Dwi-e an-ja
Su-gap i-sseo?
Sul sa-jul-kka?
Neo ha-go-ship-eo
Nan ben-jeu i-sseo
[Top 30] Korean Pick Up Lines That Melt Korean Women!
[Top 30] Korean Pick Up Lines That Melt Korean Women!
seo “I missed you.”
No-rae-bang kal-ae?
Neo-neun a-reum-da-weo
Sarang Hae Yo – I love you
A-jik sul an chwi-hae-sseo?
A-ni? Geu-reom chin-gu i-sseo?
Ot beo-seo (or O-seul beo-seo)
Bul-go-gee man-deul su i-sseo?
Nah Benzu Eets-suh – I have a Benz
Oht buh suh – Take off your clothes
Ja-ju man-na-ja “Let’s meet often.”
Nuh Ahrum da wuh – You are beautiful
Sool sah jul guh? – Can I buy you a drink?
Soo gahp eets-suh? – Do you have handcuffs?
Nol Jah – Let’s Play (go out and party etc…)
Dhwee hae ahn ja – Let’s Go To The back Seat
Noraebang gal lae? – Do you want to go Karaoke?
Benti Eebus-suh? – Are you wearing any underwear?
Ah jeek sool ahn chee hae suh? – Are you drunk yet?
Whae nah ul gul dae ryut suh? – Why did you slap me?
Bulgogee mahn dul soo eet suh? – Can you cook Bulgogi?
Nuh Hah go ja go sheep oh. – I want to sleep with you.
Jeon-hwa beon-ho ju-se-yo “Can I have your phone number?”
Eon-jae da-shi bol su i-sseo? “When can I see you again?”
Ani? Gurum Chingu eesuh? – No? Then Do you have any friends?
(Girl’s/Boy’s name) ja-ju saeng-gak hae “I think of you often.”
Jeon noon-e ban-hae-sseo “I fell in love with you at first sight.”
Nae ga nuh jut gae mahn dul oh? – Do I make you h0rn¥ baby? Well do I?
These were mailed to me by a friend, if you know where thse originated /msg me
??? (Don’t know this expression in Korean, so I don’t know the correct Romanization)
Pen-ti (panty) i-beo-sseo? (note that they use the word “panty” for men’s underwear, too)
Wae na-rul chyeo-sseo? (changed the verb to “hit,” because I’m not familiar with the verb used above)
Ko-baek ha-go shi-peo “I want to make a confession…” (to be followed by “sa-rang hae” or “jeon noon-e ban-hae-seeo” or some such confession of love)

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