[TOP 20] Genealogy – Family Tree Pick Up Lines

[TOP 20] Genealogy - Family Tree Pick Up Lines 1

Is that a wand scanner in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Let’s you and me get together and read Evidence Explained some time.
So, will I see you at Jamboree?
Did it hurt when you fell out of that family tree?
I bet we have lots in common, including some ancestors.
I’d like to add you to my family tree.
I’d like to marry you and label all of our wedding pictures well for the benefit of future generations!
I see the perfect spot for me next to you on your pedigree chart.
Let’s go get our DNA tested to make sure we’re not related in a genealogically significant time frame.
What a nice girl like you doing at a genealogy conference like this?
By judging your face your family tree must be a ****ing scribble then
And your family circle is a d#ck
And you are a circle yourself
Yeah a circle of unique intelligence that you don’t have
your head is so big you have to put your shrit on feet first