250+ Countries One Best Pick Up Line

by Annie Rosy

Afghanistan:We must be in Kabul, because Afghan and fallen in love!
Albania:You must be Albanian, because I want Tirana-way with you.
Algeria:You must be from Algeria, because I want to get Dinar with you.
American Samoa:Are you from Pago Pago? Because I wanna see Samoa your smile.
Andorra:I’d love to take you out for dinner… And/orra dessert
Angola:Let’s take an exotic trip to Angola. Will Luanda go with me?
Anguilla:You might not be from the Caribbean, but I wanna take you out… Anguilla have a good time.
250+ Countries One Best Pick Up Line
250+ Countries One Best Pick Up Line
Antarctica:I hope they’ve banned you from Antarctica because… Oh nevermind, I was gonna use an icebreaker, but it looks like you’re so hot, you’ve already melted all the ice.
Antigua and Barbuda:This may be an Antigua-ted compliment, but I do believe you’re Barbuda-ful.
Argentina: Call me Iguazu, cuz I’m FALLIN’ for you.
Armenia:Are you from Armenia? Because Yerevan in a million. (We Armen-t to be).
Aruba:You must be from the Caribbean, because you Aruban me just the right way.
Australia:Are you from Australia? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.
Austria:We must be in Austria, because you’re Alps-olutely stunning.
Azerbaijan:I’m not sure if you’re Azerbaijani, Baku’d you go on a date with me?
Bahrain:You’re probably not from Manama, right? Because my life has nothing Bahrain when you’re away.
Bangladesh:Are you from Bangladesh? Cuz I’d love to Taka to you.
Barbados:[In a bar] I know we’re not in Bridgetown, but can I still call you my Bar Bae? Dos eyes of yours are stunning!
Belarus:Are you from Belarus? Cuz you’re so pretty, I wanna coMinsk-etch you.
Belgium:Are you Belgian? Cuz I waffle you so much.
Belize:Are you from Central America? Because you’ve made me finally Belize in love.
Benin:To be Franc, I’ve Benin love with you since I first laid eyes on you.
Bermuda:You must be from Bermuda, because you’d look amazing in shorts.
Bhutan:Are you from Bhutan? Because you sure are Bhut-iful.
Bolivia:I’m Sucre-zy for you, if you said you were an angel, I’d Bolivia.
Bosnia and Herzegovina:I was gonna go dive off Mostar Bridge, but it seems like I’ve already fallen… for you.
Botswana:Call me Bots. Because Botswana be with you.
Brazil:Dayum are you from Brazil? Cuz you’re a Rio angel.
British Virgin Islands:Ww, are you from the British Virgin Islands? Cuz your beauty is Virgin’ on ridiculous.
Brunei:You must be a Bruneian, because Bru n ei belong together.
Bulgaria:Are you from Bulgaria? Because you’re Sofia-nomenal.
Burkina Faso:Is your name Burkina? Cuz I can already tell I’m gonna Faso hard for you.
Burundi: I’d love to take you to East Africa, so I can grab Burundi-wear.
Cambodia:Wat country are you from? I’d guess Cambodia, because you Siem iReap-laceable.
Cameroon:Do you want to go to Cameroon with me? I’d like to see Yaoundé-wear.
Canada:You must be from Canada… because you’re one in Eh million.
CapeVerde:Are you from Cape Verde? Because I’m hoping nobody can Praia-s apart.
Cayman Islands:I don’t need a vacation. Every day’s been paradise since you Cayman-to my life.
Central African Republic:Oh are you from the CAR? I never realized that stood for Cute, Attractive and Ridiculously-good-looking.
Chad:We don’t need to visit Northern Africa for me to Chad you up.
Chile:You must be Chile… because I’d like to spoon you.
China:Are you from China? Because I can’t stop Peking at you.
Christmas Island:You’re like Christmas Island. Being on you makes it Christmas every day.
Cocos Islands:You must be from the Cocos Islands, because you’re Keeling me with your beauty.
Colombia:Are you Columbian? Because we can Bogota town on each other!
Comoros:Are you from Moroni? Cuz I want you to Comorian-t my body towards yours.
Congo, Democratic Republic of the:You must be from the DRC, because you’re damnmmm ridiculously cute.
Congo, Republic of the:Are you from the Republic of the Congo? Cuz I really Congo on without you.
Costa Rica:Hey, I believe you owe me a date to San José. … Cuz that’s the Costa Rican havoc to my heart.
Cote d’Ivoire:Are you from Cote d’Ivoire? Cuz you’re African babe.
Croatia:Let’s travel to Dubrovnik because I never want to Split.
Cuba:Hey are you from Cuba? Because Havana get your number.
Cyprus:Well I came to see the Aphrodite Rocks but you’re the one who’s rocked my world.
Czech Republic:You must be from Prague, because I can’t help but Czech you out.
Denmark:Are you from Copenhagen? Because I’m in Dane-ger of falling in love with you.
Djibouti:I wanna take you on a desert tour because I love Djibouti.
Dominica:Are you from Dominica? Cuz that would explain how my attraction to you could g-Roseau fast.
Dominican Republic:I may not be Dominican, but I’d be really DUMB-inican if I didn’t ask you out.
Ecuador:Are you from Ecuador? Because you have the Quito my heart.
Egypt:Life without you is like a broken pyramid….. pointless.
El Salvador:You must be from Central America… because you’re El Salv-adorable.
Equatorial Guinea:Guinea’s a great name, because it proves u and i go well together.
Eritrea:Someone call a rescue team!!! I’m Eritrea-vably lost…. in your eyes.
Estonia:You must be from Estonia… Because Euro cool and Tallinnted.
Ethiopia:You must be Ethiopian, because your smile is un-Birr-lievable.
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas):Wow are you from the Islas Malvinas? Because I’ve clearly Falkland for you.
Faroe Islands:You must be from the Faroe Islands, because you’re so cute it’s unFaroe!
Fiji:Are you Fijian? Because you’re Suva-luable to me.
Finland:Are you from Helsinki? Because I think I’ve Finnish-ed searching for my soulmate.
France:MaDAYUM, you must be French, because I’m going in Seine thinking about you…
French Guiana:Is your name Guiana? Cuz I wanna French you.
French Polynesia:Are you from French Polynesia? Cuz I really Poly-NEED-ya.
Gabon:I may not be from Central Africa, but I wouldn’t mind getting Gabon ya.
Gambia:Wow are you Gambian? Because I Gambia-lieve how gorgeous you are.
Georgia:Is your name Georgia? Cuz you’re definitely on my mind.
Germany:Are you German? Cuz you’re a Nein and I’m the one Ja need. #CantKeepMyHansOffYou
Ghana:Mm you must be an Accra-bat, because I’m Ghana bend you in all kinds of ways.
Gibraltar:Are you from Gibraltar? Cuz you’ve seriously gibr-Altered my idea of perfection :O
Greece:I’m not sure if you’re Greek, but you’re definitely a Goddess.
Greenland:You must be from Greenland because I wanna explore every Nuuk of your body.
Grenada:Are you from Grenada? Cuz your clothes are fittin GreNada right places.
Guadeloupe:You must be from Guadeloupe, because Guadelou-vely smile.
Guam:Are you from Hagåtña? Because you’re so hot, I can’t help but make Guam-matical errors around you.
Guatemala:Are you from Central America? Because my favourite characteristics… you’ve Guatemal.
Guinea-Bissau: You must be from Guinea-Bissau, cuz otherwise how could you Bissau beautiful?
Guinea:African love you. Will you be-Guinea new life with me?
Guyana:Fancy a trip to Guyana? Cuz I’m a nice Guy ana need you.
Haiti:Let’s move to Port Au Prince? Because I really Haiti see you go.
Honduras:Are you from the Honduras? Because you clearly Honduras-timate how attractive you are.
Hong Kong:You must be from Hong Kong… because I’ve heard you have amazing buns.
Hungary:Are you from Budapest? Because I’m Hungary for your love.
Iceland:You must be Iceland’s main road, cuz I want to put a Ring on you.
India:Yo are you from India? Cuz I get delhi-rious thinking about you naan stop.
Indonesia:You must be Indonesian, because your face is unBali-vable.
Iran:Are we in Tehran? I might be lost, cuz when I heard my soulmate was here, Iran.
Iraq:Are you Iraqui? Cuz I’d love for you to Baghdad A$$ up.
Ireland:You must be Irish, because you’ve got my heart rate Dublin.
Israel:You must be from Jersualem, because you Israeli hot.
Italy:Is your dad an Italian thief? Because you just stole a pizza my heart.
Jamaica:You must be from Kingston, because Jamaican me crazy.
Japan:Well you definitely Tokyo time, but it seems I’ve finally met the woman of my dreams.
Jordan:Dayum, are you from Jordan? Because I’m Petra-fied of losing you.
Kazakhstan:Is your name Kazakh? Cuz I can’t Stan life without you.
Kenya:Kenya tell that African love you?
Kiribati:Are you from Oceania? Cuz I don’t Kiribat-anyone else but you.
Korea,North:Are you from North Korea? Because my heart, you have Won!
Korea,South:Are we in South Korea? Because I think I’ve found my Seoul-mate.
Kosovo:You must be from Kosovo, because I’ve never seen a beauty as Pristina-s yours.
Kuwait:You must be from the Middle East, because for you baby, I Kuwait forever.
Kyrgyzstan:Are you from Kyrgyzstan? Cuz I’ll find you attractive Nomad-or what.
Laos:You must be from Vientiane… because I’d be so Laos-t without you.
Latvia:Are you Latvian? Because you make my heart beat Riga-rously.
Lebanon:You must be from Beirut, because you’ve got me on my Leba-knees.
Lesotho:Are you from Lesotho? Because I bet we have a Loti-n common.
Liberia:Are you Liberian? Because you should coMonrovia-r to my place(Are you Liberian? Because you should come on over to my place)
Libya:Libya life with me and you’ll be Tripoli happy than with anyone else.
Liechtenstein:Let’s elope to Liechtenstein. Vaduz you think?
Lithuania:Are you from Lithuania? Because I want to run away With-u-ania-where.(Are you from Lithuania? Because I want to run away with you anywhere)
Luxembourg:You may not be from Luxembourg… but how about Lux embourg-k on a new adventure together?(You may not be from Luxembourg… but how about let’s embark on a new adventure together?)
Macau:Are you an accountant? Because I Macau-nt on you to rock my world.
Macedonia:No need to visit Macedonia… I already Skopje out from across the room.
Madagascar:Hey baby, you don’t need to visit Madagascar to see a wild beast in action.. just take me to bed. ??
Malawi:You may not be from Malawi, but I’d still like to get Chewa drink.
Malaysia:Dayum are you the Petronas Towers? Cuz I wanna see you and send pics of you to all my friends.
Maldives:Hey you must be the Maldives, cuz I want you on my honeymoon.
Mali:I know we’re not in Africa, but would you still like to be Mali-ding lady? (or man)
Malta:Your parents must come from Malta, because I haValetta fun with you.
Marshall Islands:Are you from the Marshall Islands? Cuz you’ve managed to Marshall-over my heart.(Are you from the Marshall Islands? Cuz you’ve managed to march all over my heart)
Martinique:Are you from the Caribbean? Cuz you’re making my knees Martin-weak.
Mauritania:You must be from Mauritania, because I wanna be Mauritania-out on a date.(You must be from Mauritania, because I wanna be more and taking you out on a date)
Mauritius:I want to kiss you forever, because one Mauritius not enough.(I want to kiss you forever, because one more is just not enough)
Mayotte:Wow, are you from Mamoudzou? Because you Mayotte be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Mexico:Dayum, you’re hotter than Mexico. Tijuana go out with me?
Micronesia:You must be from Micronesia, because I micro-needja.
Moldova:You must be Moldovan, cuz I’m Mold-ova-excited to see you.
Monaco:Are you competing in the Monaco Grand Prix? Because your body is driving me crazy.
Mongolia:I may not be Mongolian, but you rejecting me would still really Yurt.
Montenegro:You must be from Montenegro, because I wanna Ko-tor the world with you.(You must be from Montenegro, because I wanna go tour the world with you).
Montserrat:Are you from Montserrat? Because oh Mon, you’re Serrat-iculously cute.
Morocco:Well I came to see Chefchaouen, but you’re the one who Blue me away.
Mozambique:Wow you must be from Mozambique, because after seeing you, I need Metical attention.
Myanmar:Wow, you’re hotter than Myanmar! Will you love Myan-mar-ry me?
Namibia:I’m not sure if you’re from Namibia, but Na-Mibia’ll go on a date with me?(I not sure if you’re from Namibia but now maybe you’ll go on a date with me?)
Nauru:Wow are you from the Central Pacific? Cuz I want you right Nauru.
Nepal:Are we trekking to Everest Base Camp, or was it just you who took my breath away?
Netherlands Antilles:Are you from the Netherland Antilles? Cuz I think Curaçao hot.
Netherlands:You must be Dutch, because AmsterDAYUMM you’re attractive. Wooden shoe like to go out on a date?
New Caledonia:You must be from New Caledonia, because Donia want to go out with me?
New Zealand:You must be from New Zealand, because cri-Kiwi belong together!
Nicaragua:I’m not sure if you’re from Nicaragua, but I need to ask Nicarag-what are you doing tomorrow?
Niger:You must be from Niger, because I think you an’Niamey-ke a great match.
Nigeria:Are you from Nigeria? Cuz I’d love to learn more Abuja.
Niue:Eyy are you from Niue? Cuz Alofi you so much.
Northern Mariana Islands:Are you from the Northern Mariana Islands? Oh funny, cuz I’m from the Wanna Marry-You Islands.
Norway:Without you, I’m Oslo-nely as can be. There’s Norway I’d ever get sick of you!
Oman:Forget about visiting Oman, because all you need is THIS man right here.
Pakistan:Are you from Pakistan? Cuz I really wannUrdu naughty things to you.
Palau:You must be from Ngerulmud, because I’d like to Palau you.
Panama:I’m not sure if you’re from Panama, but you sure are pan-amazing.
Papua New Guinea:You must be from Papua New Guinea, cuz I can be your Big Papua if New Guinea a chance.
Paraguay:Are you South American? Cuz we’d be quite the Para love birds. Guay don’t you let me prove it?
Peru:Are you from Peru? … Because you’ve just Peru-ven that perfection exists.
Philippines:You must be from the Philippines, because I just wanna Tagalog with you.
Pitcairn Island:Are you from Pitcairn Island? Cuz I would Pit Cairn’ about you as my top priority.
Poland:Are you Polish? Because I wanna Gdansk with you all night.
Portugal:You must be from Portugal, because the perfect girlLisbon missing from my life and I think I’ve finally found her.
Puerto Rico:You must be Puerto Rican, because you’re San Juan I’ve been looking for my entire life.
Qatar:Are you from Qatar? Cuz I wanna Doha-lot of things to you ??
Reunion Island:Are you from Reunion Island? Because I’d RE like for U-N-I to get it ON.(Are you from Reunion Island? Because I’d really like for you and I to get it on)
Romania:Are you Romanian? Because you should be Buch-arrested for stealing my heart.
Russia:Shall we elope to Moscow, or am I Russian into things?
Rwanda:Are you from Kigali? Cuz I was Rwanda-ring if you’d like to go on a date sometime.
Saint Kitts and Nevis:You must be Saint Kitts, because you clearly Nevis man/woman in your life. *points to self*
Saint Lucia:You must be from Saint Lucia, because I could never Lucia.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:You must be from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, because I Fancy Layou-ng next to you.(You must be from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, because I fancy laying next to you)
Samoa:Let’s run away to Oceania, because I’d love to see Samoa yo’ face.
San Marino:You must be from San Marino, because I want you to San Mari-me.
Sao Tome and Principe:If we were islands, I’d be the Principe and you’d be Sao Tome… because you’re Sao perfect ToMe.
Saudi Arabia:Are we in Arabia right now? Because you are Saudi-sirable.
Senegal:Get in Dakar and let’s go on a date, because you’re seneg-ALL I can think about.
Serbia:You might not be Serbian, but if I ask you out, can the an-Serbia yes?
Seychelles:You must be from the Seychelles, because meeting you was a Victorialready.(You must be from the Seychelles because meeting you
Sierra Leone:Your name must be Sierra, because you’re Leone-ly one for me.
Singapore:Are you from Singapore? Cuz no jokeSing, aPore-ently I’ve fallen for you.(Are you from Singapore? Cuz no jokesing, apparently I’ve fallen for you.) lol I’m seriously sorry about this one
Slovakia:Are you Slovakian? Because I Bratis-lav ya.
Slovenia:You must be Slovenian, because I think you’re Bled-der than the rest.
Solomon Islands:I’m not sure if you’re from the Solomon Islands, but I think it’s clear we’re Solo-mont to be.
Somalia:Are you from Somalia? Cuz I don’t want just Som of your love, I want Alia love.
South Africa:Dayum are you from South Africa? Cuz you’re so stunning, I wanna esCape Town with you.
Spain:Man, I’ve heard about Barcelona’s pickpockets, but I had no idea you’d steal my heart so quickly.
Sri Lanka:Dayum are you from Sri Lanka? Cuz you’ve Rupee-tedly taken my breath away.
Sudan:You must be from Khartoum… Because you stole my heart so Sudan-ly.
Suriname:Are you from Suriname? Because you’re Suri-diculously good looking.
Swaziland:I think you’re hotter than Swaziland… Swazi you doing tonight?
Sweden:Are you from Stockholm? Because you really Sweden up my life. [& IKEAn’t live without you.]
Switzerland:Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag. It’s a big plus.
Switzerland:Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag. It’s a big plus.
Syria:Are we in the Middle East? Because you’re Syria-sly good-looking.
Taiwan:I know this is forward, but Taiwan-to take you out for a movie. And why don’t Taipei for dinner too?
Tajikistan:Call me Tajik, cuz I’ll always Stan by you.
Tanzania:Let’s go to Tanzania… cuz I’m already safari-n love with you.
Thailand:Dayum, you must be Thai… Because you make me Phuket all my problems.
The Bahamas:You must be from the Bahamas… Cuz NA$$au your gorgeous smile from across the room.
Tibet: You must be from Lhasa, cuz I’ve seen Lhasa beauties in my life, but I’d like Tibet that you’re the most beautiful.
Timor-Leste: Are you from Dili? Cuz I wanna take you out Timor-oh!
Togo:Dayum, are you from West Africa? Cuz I’d like you Togo out with me.
Tokelau:You must be from Tokelau… because it Tokelau-ng time for me to gain enough courage to approach you.
Tonga:You must be from Tonga, cuz I’d like for my Tonga-nd yours to meet.
Trinidad and Tobago:If we were islands, I’d be Trinidad and you’d be Tobago… because you’re te Bae I wanna Go to.
Tunisia:Tunisia’s my favourite country name…. because it puts U N I together.
Turkey:Are you from Turkey? Because you’re such a delight.
Turkmenistan:You must be from Turkmenistan, because I’m Manat complete without you.
Turks and Caicos Islands:You must be from the Turks and Caicos Islands, because you’re tropic-All I need.
Tuvalu:Are you from Tuvalu? Cuz I want Tuvalu you for the rest of my life.
Uganda:I’d Kampala night in the cold to get your number… so, Uganda give it to me?
Ukraine:I may not be from the Ukraine, but can Ukraine your body towards mine?
United Arab Emirates:Let’s fly to the UAE, because I’d love Dubai you a drink.
United Kingdom:Hey are you from the United Kingdom? Cuz I sure am happy UK-m into my life.
United States:On a scale on 1 to America, how free are you tonight?
Uruguay:Are you from Montevideo? Cuz your smile’s so bright, it’s like Uruguay-ding star.(Are you from Montevideo? Cuz your smile’s so bright, it’s like you’re a guiding star)
Uzbekistan:Are you from Uzbekistan? Cuz I wanna get Som.
Vanuatu:Is your name South Pacific? Cuz I Vanuatu on Facebook.
Vatican City:The Vatican should hire you ASAP. … Because you just answered all my prayers.
Venezuela:Do you realize we’re this country’s biggest tourist attraction? You’re the Angel, and I’m Fallin’.
Venezuela:Do you realize we’re this country’s biggest tourist attraction? You’re the Angel, and I’m Fallin’.
Vietnam:You have no idea Ha Long I’ve been waiting pho someone like you.
Virgin Islands:You must be from the Virgin Islands because your body is Virgin’ on unbelievable.was a victory already).
Western Sahara:Dayum are you the Saharan Desert? Cuz you’re the hottest.
Yemen:You may not be from Yemen, but can Yemen-d my heart please?
Zambia:Your name must be Victoria, cuz I know ima Falls for you.
Zimbabwe:You must be from Zimbabwe, because there’s no Zimbab-WAY I can live without you./span>

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Annie is a writer who likes to focus on funny pick up lines. She enjoys making people laugh and feel good, and thinks that using a clever line can be the perfect way to start a conversation. When she's not writing, Annie loves spending time with her friends and family. She's always up for trying new things, and is always looking for ways to make life more fun.

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