Naruto Pickup Lines - Best Naruto Pick up Lines

by Daisy Martinez

Naruto is an interesting Japanese manga scene that was written by Masashi Kishimoto. The amazing anime tells the story of a young ninja seeking recognition for his dream to become the leader of his village. If you are in love with this exciting anime series, you may need funny, trending, and romantic pickup lines to spice up your moment. Hence, you need a concise collection of pickup lines to enjoy your time watching the anime with friends. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best collections of Naruto pickup lines.

Romantic Naruto Pickup Lines

Romantic Naruto Pickup Lines
Romantic Naruto Pickup Lines
Hey Lisa! Were you made in a hug pillow?
Hey girl! Do you wanna see my beautiful sharindong?
Do you know that I'm a man? Jerry tells Naruto expressly.
Hey Jones! Am not called Nine-Tails for anything.
Hey baby! I just lost my number. Can I use yours?
I guess you are Sasuke because you will come right here into my home tonight.
I really want your attractive body so bad because you look perfectly like Sasuke.
If you could allow me into your heart, I will open up your eight gates tonight.
Hey Wendy! I know the perfect way to enter into your heart.
Hey girl! Do you wanna be my sharindong?
Come here and let me open your eight gates.
Hey Jane! Are you Sasuke?
Hey Jack! There is Titan in the bed and Jeagar on the streets.
Hey Melinda! Will you be my vessel so that I can get inside of you?
Hey Marrion! You can't handle my incredible one-tailed Jinchuriki.
Hey baby! Your beauty is so amazing. I can start up a shinobi war because of you.
Hey Jack! Do you want me to show you the 6 paths?
Hey Dean! Do you wanna drink sweet wine from the fountain of the youths?
Hey baby! If permitted, I will use 1000 years of death with you in bed.
Hey baby! Though I may not have the precious byakugan, am happy I still have you as a dime.
Hey Wendy! I can make you scream tonight. This is not a threat but it's what I am capable of doing.
Hey baby! Let me give you the amazing DP of your life, by cloning your shadow perfectly.
It seems you are Kanie Seiya because you look like a ten.
Hey baby! You are the last of your kind. I guess you must be an uchiha.
Hey Wendy! Will you be my vessel so that I can enter inside of you?
Come let me show you a perfect kind of mokuton jutsu in secret if you solely desire.
Let me start a Shinobi war here today purposely because of you.
Hey baby! Come and see my wood-style great penetration tonight.

Best Naruto Pickup Lines

Hey Love! Let me congratulate you because you just passed the bell test.
Hey baby! Nobody calls me the Golden Flash for nothing. Come and try me.
Hey baby! Come so that I can show you the reason why I am called the Gentle Fist.
Hey Girl! You are perfectly made and the last of your kind. You must be an uchiha.
Hey Lisa! Let's have some exciting moments from the fountain of youth.
Just as Hashirama has always expressed it, you are all am seeing today.
Come and taste my totska blade tonight?
Hey baby! Do you wish to C4 yourself because I am called the master with my hands?
Hey Girl! You have got nice sandals here. Would you allow me to see how beautiful they look in the bed?
Orochimaruu has no influence on your skills in capturing snakes.
Hey Fred! There is no kunai in my deep pocket.
Hey baby! I guess you are the Kyo connected to my Ani.
Hey Donald! Do you wanna help me rebuild my clan?
Hey Mike! I don't specialize in using the fingers to perform the 1000 years of Pain.
Hey Adam! Come and let me express what the 1000 years of death mean in clear terms.
I am beginning to discover you like to C4 yourself because your tongue works better than Deidera.
My multitude of nubile lolis present in my harem does not believe that I am a complete loser.
How will you feel about sharing a memorable afternoon with me in my beautiful place?
Hey Lisa! Many people call me Diedara because I have the potentials to explode all over your beautiful face.
Hey baby! I see a bright future ahead of us because I suppose you have Sharingan.
I was stunned when I behold you because you might have used genjutsu on me.
Hey baby! Let me show you the reason why I am called "the three tails."
Hey baby! Call me when you are poor in health because I will give you some therapeutic mouth-to-mouth action.
Hey Wendy! Let me buy you some health potion so I can get things running smoothly.
Hey girl! I wanna give you the shinra tensei tonight.
Hey Fred! Have you noticed how Let's Get It On" and "End on Evangelion" rhymes?
Hey baby! Call me when you are thirsty. I will offer you some suition jutsu water.
Hey Lisa! Do you have Uzumaki in your possession? You can contact me if you need any.

Hot Naruto Pickup Lines

Hey girl! I may not have that acceptable byakugan but I will give you a precious dime.
Hey baby! You must be an Uchiha because you are the last specimen of your kind.
It seems your dad is a baker because you have got the nicest buns.
Jane said he wants you so bad because you look like Sasuke.
If you were to meet temari today, would you say you just used a wind attack?
Hey baby! Your smiling face completely blew me away when I set my eyes on you.
Hey Lisa! It seems you are an Uchiha because there is nobody like you. All other persons are dead.
Hey girl! Anytime I see you, mokuton activates itself in my pant without any reason.
Hey baby! Do you desire to check out my mokuton?
Hey Babara! Does it seem you have mastered your lips like jutsu?
Hey Jane! You are the precious dime in my pocket because I don't have byakugan.
Hey baby! Are you an origami? Because all I desire to do is to fold you up tonight.
Hey Kaze! Let me borrow your eyes tonight. My eyes cannot see clearly without you.
I am thinking I will take those beautiful eyes of yours to my abode tonight.
Come to my room tonight; let me give you that amazing shinra tensei.
I will start a shinobi war tonight all for your sake. It does not work for Obito but will definitely work for me.
I guess you are a vegetable because you look like an amazing cutecumber.
Hey Lisa! Do you have Uzumaki or do you want me to give you some portion?
Hey baby! It seems you have mastered the Rasengan perfectly. Every time your hands touch my body, I feel dizzy instantly.
Hey girl! It seems you have seen enough hentai because you have an idea of where I am going with you tonight.
It seems you are in Team 10 because you have got that Asuma.
It seems you are a ninka because I am the master of the Wood Style. Trust me, I will train you to become perfect tonight.
Hey baby! You always look elegant every time. It seems you are using beauty jutsu.
Hey Lisa! Can I dive into the springtime of your young morning?
Hey Jane! It seems you are a Naruto because I am dying here just to see your limit.
Hey Melinda! You appear to me from all angles than a crystal ice mirror.
It seems you are a tuner monster because you are powering up my Yugioh
Hey baby! Do you know that the human body contains 65% of water? Anytime I see you, I am always thirsty to have you.
Hey girl! I bet you can't handle my efficient one-tailored Jinchuriki.
Hey Hollis! I am the emotionless bastard that will serve as a replacement for an emo bastard.
Hey Lisa! Do you want to have some Ramen in my apartment tonight?
Hey baby! My Samehada is so excited that you can't measure it.
Hey Jones! I have not used my attractive fingers for hundred years of pain.
Hey Wendy! My tongue doesn't come out of my beautiful hands for nothing.
Hey friend! You are a pain. However, I will continue my lineage for the upcoming generation. Come join me or what are you still waiting for?
Hey baby! Your eyes look deceiving. I am stuck under your Genjutsu.
Hey Naruto! Do you know I am a strong man?
No item can go straight to your heart faster than the chidori.
Hey babe! I will appreciate it if you can trust me because dating me is like a KATSU.


Today, I have crafted the best collections of Naruto pick-up lines for your friends, colleagues, and spouse. Happy reading!

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