[Top 80] Sailor Nautical Pick Up Lines To Impress a Navy Guy!

by Annie Rosy

Babe ahoy!
Oh Santa Maria!
The world is round.
Kiss me, I’m salty!
Dowwwn periscope!
I swear I am disease free.
[Top 80] Sailor Nautical Pick Up Lines To Impress a Navy Guy!
[Top 80] Sailor Nautical Pick Up Lines To Impress a Navy Guy!
S.O.S. (I’m Sold On Sailors.)
Have you ever seen a shark??
Come to this continent often?
I can show you a brand new world.
Do youknow how to fire a Canon???
When I see you my main sail raises.
For a sailor, you seem so grounded.
I’ve got a sea monster in my pants!
Get ready to man your torpedo, sailor.
My peg-leg’s ribbed for your pleasure.
Hey sailor, you’re the coke to my cola!
How many gold doubloons for a lap dance?
God I love a man in…my neighborhood bar.
Let’s go out and BOTH drink like sailors.
Hey babe, I’d like to explore your world.
Hey babe, can I see your Bermuda Triangle?
Care to see me turn my dingy into a yacht?
Hey babe, I want to be captain of your ship.
Hey babe, want to play explorers and Indians?
Hey babe, I’m definitely not a half-mast guy.
I was hoping you’re a sucker for a centerboard.
How about you and me taking a voyage to Motel-6?
Hey S#xy! may I drop my anchor into your island?
Are we head-to-wind? Because I think I luff you…
Hey babe, this torpedo will be in your A$$ soon.
Christopher Columbus Day and Sailor Pick Up Lines
Hey babe, want to go sailing over my bounty main?
I’m not a sailor, but I have lots of STDs like one.
Please, I’ve been at sea for five months, I beg you!
Hey babe, I’d like to celebrate my holiday with you.
I’ll put the wind in your sails if you raise my mast.
Hey babe, ever wondered why I am the capital of Ohio?
Can you help me navigate my way around that Wonderbra?
Hey baby, you should see my other sailor moon costume.
I don’t have sea legs, but I can really hold my tequila.
Hey, sailor. Got any sweater vests that need bedazzling?
What do you say we go behind this rock and seal the deal.
Do you want to get some tuna fish and field mouse pudding?
I must be hunting treasure because I’m digging your chest.
Are you seaworthy? Because I’m going to ride you till dawn.
It’s Fleet Week! Wanna have a one-night stand… seven times?
That’s not a compA$$ in my pocket, I’m just glad to see you.
So how long have you been the government’s foxiest employee?
If you’re looking for dry land, you may be disappointed later.
If scurvy isn’t contagious, I think we should go home together.
I must be Columbus, because I’m going to explore you all night.
Is that a shark in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Hey babe, did you know you are the perfect cure for seasickness?
Columbus discovered the new world; I want to discover your body.
Do you want to go back to my place and see what you’re defending?
Hey babe, want to take a ride on my Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria?
Cute hat. It would look even better on your head, between my legs.
Remember, Columbus didn’t actually discover America, it was Kanye.
Excuse me, can you tell me if my boat shoes are, like, regulation?
Hey babe, did you know I’m a better lover than Ferdinand Magellan?
Hey babe, you’re the first person I want to be with in a shipwreck.
Hey babe, I’d like to discover you as much as I discovered America.
I can get a great deal on a fancy hotel room if I bring you with me.
If all three of you come home with me, I’ll name my ships after you.
See this hook? Variable speed with five alternate attachments, Baby.
Hey girl! You’re like an island where everyone wants to dock his ship.
A night with me won’t go flat, because Columbus makes the world go round!
Hey babe, want to give new meaning to the phrase ‘sleeping with the fishes’?
Hey baby, looks like your boat needs some seamen…and I have the perfect crew.
I consider it is my duty to debunk the popular misconception that you are flat.
Why don’t you come back to my place, and we can do some world shaking of our own.
When Columbus came to America there wasn’t any government. Look how far we’ve come.
If you have an anchor tattoo on your bicep, I will seriously marry you this second.
My horrible boyfriend’s got me at the end of my rope. Can you throw me a pickup line?
Maybe the Washington Redskins could celebrate Columbus Day by giving up their team name.
Hey babe, even though I am an admiral, I’m definitely not all wet when it comes to romance.
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but I’m the only single one in this bar. Wanna make out?
Let’s celebrate Columbus day by walking into someone’s hosue and telling them we live there now.
Columbus Day: the only day where white conservatives celebrate a Hispanic guy coming to America.

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