[Top 50] Vulcan Pick Up Lines For Star-Wars Star-Trek Fans!

by Annie Rosy

Everybody pon farr tonight.
You and me would be logical.
You had me at “Live long, and prosper”.
You know what screws like a Sehlat? *winks*
“I cannot find you completely disagreeable.”
My prophylactic device is from the home planet.
Launching probe into the Game Room, from MPSIMS.
[Top 50] Vulcan Pick Up Lines For Star-Wars Star-Trek Fans!
[Top 50] Vulcan Pick Up Lines For Star-Wars Star-Trek Fans!
Seven years, hell. I’ll pon farr will you anytime.
In a similar manner as me, they have a great desire
To have minimal distance between our humanoid forms.
I have been, and always shall be… your friend… with benefits.
Are their Vulcan inclusions in your anatomy? – Are you desirous of such?
The Pon farr, is far, but the Poontang is near. It is logical and efficient.
Forgive my lapse of logic, but I find your appearance to be aesthetically pleasing.
Logic is the beginning of wisdom; let us expand our horizons on a more carnal plane.
I have not had S#x in seven years. This could be a night to store in your data banks.
And even if they dont? Well, Fu©k em I say…You desire me. I have olfactory confirmation.
If I stated your humanoid form was highly aesthetic , would you consent to full dermal contact?
“May the deity that your species worships look favorably upon the genetic matriarch of your family.”
Pretty much anything Temperance Brennan (“Bones”) says to a man would qualify as a Vulcan pickup line.
I am actually of a somewhat smaller stature. I am sitting on the device that contains my monetary units.
May I suggest a bowl of plomik soup and an act of coition? – Can it be that you find plomik soup distasteful?
I question why avians abruptly materialize themselves in this location every time you are in close proximity?
My An@!ysis shows that only one female in 996,234.87 has positive qualities equaling or surpA$$ing those you posses.
“Is that a Type 3 Disruptor in your regulation slacks, or do you feel an illogical emotional response to my arrival?”
You should collect your outer garment; you have successfully engaged the attention of a member of the opposite gender.
May I inquire if your pants are from beyond our atmosphere, as unlikely as that may be, because I find you callipygian.
It is my observation you display superior taste in footwear. In an unrelated matter, would you care to engage in coitus?
I have a nonrational system of ethics and spirituality that is based on my corporeal being; would you care to subscribe to it?
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. Therefore, you should indulge the desire of my friend and I for menage a trois.
“It is logical” –What Sarek reportedly said to Amanda Greyson. My guess is that it happened after he got her pregnant during pon farr.
Please follow all combustion extinguishing techniques as quickly as possible, for you are now experiencing a spontaneous combustion reaction.
I find your appearance soothing and pleasing. I thank you for your kind invitation to stay at your abode for breakfast and am pleased to accept.
I have found a deficiency in my personal wireless communications device. It appears it lacks the combination of numbers necessary to contact you.
“At this time, I think you should purchase me an alcoholic beverage and engage in diminutive conversation with me in hopes of establishing a rapport.”
I calculate that a 97.465% probability that it would be mutually beneficial for us to induce 0rg@sm in each other. Shall we seek experimental confirmation?
Please explain what arbitrary category you are A$$igned to by your chosen system of supersS#xion so that I may explain how said system indicates that we should mate.
If there were an infernal being liable to perspiration, and if female pulchritude were truly synonymous with hyperpyrexia, you would surely be hot enough to cause the devil to sweat.
A basic statistical An@!ysis indicates that, if I simply ask humanoids of the opposite gender if they wish to Fu©k me, a certain percentage, greater than zero, will accede. So how about it?
Seeing as how we are both of species wherein the mother exudes nourishment for the young, it is logical that we behave in a manner similar to what might be observed in a doC^mentary broadcast.
You are invited to A$$ume a seated position upon the platform created by my lower extremities. We may then discuss an initial topic determined by the first observed involuntary reaction this produces.
While I do not indulge in aesthetical considerations, copious data compiled from the reactions of other species indicate that your clothing would prove more appealing were it strewn on the floor of my sleeping quarters.
It is a logical A$$umption that your lower extremeties are physically enervated, given that I have visualized you engaged in the act of moving very quickly on foot throughout the duration of the current nocturnal period.
I have observed a fascinating correlation between an event that nearly causes my death, and an intense requirement to release my genetic material, it is not logical, but with Captain Kirk in command it is frequently true.
As a skilled astrogator, I would need no computer A$$istance to find the way to Uranus. However, while you doubtless understand the wordplay, I am willing to accommodate your preference for v@g!n@l penetration should such be the case.
I have deduced that your male parent is likely guilty of theft. He has appropriated stellar matter for use as decorative embelishment of your visual organs. Preliminary study suggests VY Canis Majoris and VV Cephei A were relocated as such.
“I don’t feel the 1 to 10 scale is fine enough to capture subtle details of compatibility. I’d prefer a 12 dimensional compatibility scale with additional parameters for mechanical apS#xude and torque.”The needs of the h0rn¥ outweigh the needs of the celibate…
I would like to inquire as to the manner in which you prefer poultry-based protein ovoids served to you, the implication of course being that upon the arrival of the hour normally appointed for morning repast I shall continue to be in close enough proximity to prepare and deliver them.
Ya know, Babe, I can absolutley shred on the Vulcan Lute. I mean it, when I get going you can practically hear the panties sliding to the floor. Hmmm, fascinating, I have observed this form of vernacular to be surprisingly effective, can you explain to me why you reacted so negatively?
Would you care to return to my sleeping quarters and view my collection of warp manifold schematics?”Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”. It would be logical to find out just how diverse we can be together. Perhaps it would be even more logical to find that out in my quarters.
Although there would be significant overheads in terms of re-indexing and other related tasks, these would surely be outweighed by the benefits of a logically ordered alphabet in which the consonants and vowels were segregated, and statistical An@!ysis mandates that in such a case U and I would become adjacent.
I have placed the tip of one digit into a beverage and introduced a trace amount of liquid to your apparel. I am now able to imply, via the use of rhetorical hyperbole, that it would prove unhealthy and/or uncomfortable for you to remain in said garments, and thus you would benefit from the removal of items of clothing.
“While it is quite possible that upon initial observance one might A$$ume that my blood alcohol content, or B.A.C. is highly elevated to a point far beyond legal norms, possibly due to the ingestion of a large quanS#xy of Romulan ale, the truth of the matter is that your presence and physical proximity to myself has caused a profound, and most puzzling state of psychosomatic inebriation affecting me in a similar manner.”

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