[Top 50] Resident Evil Pick Up Lines

Kevin Ryman: Hey tiger 😉
Jake Muller: Are you all too easy?
Parker Luciani: Was it a nice ride?
Cindy Lennox: I’ll serve you anytime.
Hunk: Even my name tells you I’m S#xy.
“Hey Hunnigan, no glA$$es…”
And i got another one with Lickers… But its too ugly
I want to inject you with MY C-Virus.
David King: I’ll unclog you real good.
You wanna tongue-punch my boulders?
Rebecca Chambers: I’ll be your S#xy nurse.
Leon Kennedy: Only you can mess up my hair.
George Hamilton: Say hello to Dr. Feel Good.
Rachel Foley: I wish you would motorboat me.
Luis Sera: Hey mamacita, you’re looking good.
Merchant: Ahhh, I’ll buy you at a high price.
Jill Valentine: I’ll always be your valentine.
Alyssa Ashcroft: You’re the top scoop right now.
Jim Chapman: You can ride on my subway any time.
Raymond Vester: The fun is just getting started.
Bruce McGivern: I like those international girls.
Manuela Hidalgo: I get so hot when you’re around.
Helena Harper: This is a waste of time, but you’re not.
Saddler: I’ll impale you, even if you don’t want me to.
Albert Wesker: 7 minutes is all I can spare to love you.
Steve Burnside: I’m mutated, but at leastmy D!¢K is bigger.
Sheva Alomar: I may not be as big as you, but I can handle it.
Carlos Olivera: All the foxy ladies love my accent, but do you?
Sherry Birkin: I’m tougher than I look. That also applies in bed.
Mark Wilkins: I’m your security guard, I will always protect you.
Salazar: I may be little, but that doesn’t mean my S#x isn’t good.
Piers Nivans: I’ll die for youExcella Gionne: Are you ready for me?
Yoko Suzuki: I’m peS#xe, I hope you don’t break me with that monster.
Krauser: I got a giant muscle, and I’m not talking about my mutated arm.
Ada Wong: Some may think I’m wrong for you;, but I’ll make them think its right.
Claire Redfield: I was looking for my brother, but now I just want to look at you.
Chris Redfield: I took steroids. Believe me when I say that I still have a huge D!¢K
Ozwell Spencer: I may be old, but I have a lot of experience in the love department.
Josh Stone: Maybe you should consider a career change. You can be my team mate instead.
Fong Ling: It will take me a while to warm up to you, but once I do, I can’t get enough.
Alexia Ashford: You want to see my body? You’re the only one who can see what’s under these plants.
Ashley Graham: Everyone expects to be innocent because I’m the president’s daughter, but that isn’t true.
Ingrid Hunnigan: Anytime you wanna hook up, just call. Billy Coen: I heard you like bad boys, is that true?
Alfred Ashford: Kiss me like my sister always did. Barry Burton: I’m getting up in age, but that won’t stop me
Jessica Sherawat: I like you. I’m even willing to dress in shorts when its freezing outside. I want you to notice me.
Too young to actually be thinking about this crap, but if I were to do one it would be “Go kill yourself with a carrot.”
What’s your Zombie Survival Plan and How can I become A part of it?
i you’re looking mightily mediocre and I would like to buy you a medium priced drink.
Is it hot in here, or is my 5 winter coats making me feel hot?
I’m feeling a little turn off today, can you turn me on?
“No Leon, just because it’s Valentines does NOT mean you can stick it up the WONG hole”Aha, I crack myself up.