[Top 20] Yo Mama So Maths Jokes

by Maria Line

Yo mama = x/0 for every x in yo mama.
The limit of yo mama’s A$$ goes to infinity.
The volume of yo mama is an improper integral.
Yo mama is so mean that she has no standard deviation.
Yo mama is like a protractor – she’s good at every angle.
Yo mama is so fat that her derivative is strictly positive.
Yo mama is so fat that in a love triangle, she’d be the hypotenuse.
[Top 20] Yo Mama So Maths Jokes
[Top 20] Yo Mama So Maths Jokes
The only way to get from point A to point B is around yo mama’s fat A$$.
The infinite series of yo mama from 0 to infinity is strictly diverging.
Yo mama is so ugly, that Pythagoras wouldn’t touch her with a 3-4-5 triangle.
Yo mama is so fat that the ratio of the cirC^mference to her diameter is four.
Yo mama is so square that she’s got imaginary numbers on her social security card.
Yo mama’s muscle-to-fat ratio can only be explained in irrational complex numbers.
The integral of yo mama is fat plus a constant, where the constant is equal to more fat.
Yo mama is so stupid that when I told her “pi-r-squared” and she replied no, they are round.
Yo mama is so fat that she took geometry in high school just cause she heard there was gonna be some pi.
Yo mama is such a ho, that she asked all the math majors to to figure out g(f(your mom)) just so they could “f” her first.

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