[Top 100] LEGO Game Toy Pick Up Lines

by Annie Rosy

You build here often?
You wanna see my Kragliser?
you should feel it up first.
Are you a limited editon box?
Oh yeah, she wants the brick.
ou look like a million blocks.
Hey babe, wanna click together?
[Top 100] LEGO Game Toy Pick Up Lines
[Top 100] LEGO Game Toy Pick Up Lines
I feel like we really connect…
Hey bebz check out my stud total.
Baby lets try our Power Functions!
Wanna a ride my Heartlake express?
I hope you like LEGO ,’cos I’m a stud.
I want you lying naked on my baseplate.
You are the missing piece in my life-set.
I’m looking to lay more than brick tonight.
Let’s you and I make an illegal connection.
Wanna come over to my place and play Legos?!
It has a hole in the head to prevent choking.
Nice parts, they’d look better in my collection.
Let my technic pin connect with your technic brick.
Honey you are my everything. And everything is awesome.
Do you like LEGO? ’cause I wanna build a world with you.
I love LEGO, you like Legos, why not build a relationship?
Do you want to come upstairs and see my special attachments?
I’m pretty sure I can show you what a stud really looks like.
Is that a Lego in your pocket or are you just happy to build me?
Does a 8×1 fit in a 2×1 gap? Let’s see if that connection works.
Im building something in my pants and its not from the Leia set.
My Lego collection is so vast, we can build any bedroom toy we want.
You must be from lego architecture, you’re so incredibly well-build.
I promise it won’t hurt if you step on me in the middle of the night.
Is that a minifigure in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
I think we need a brick separator, because I feel a strong connection.
If you break my heart, it will hurt more than any Lego I’ve stepped on.
Is that a #4159 Lego piece in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Why don’t you and I come together like stacked, single studded Lego bricks.
Ay girl, you must have a lot of clutch power because I can’t be detached from you.
Hey babe, if you still want to check and find that minifigure you’re missing from Series 12, it may just be in my pants… maybe

About Annie Rosy

Annie is a writer who likes to focus on funny pick up lines. She enjoys making people laugh and feel good, and thinks that using a clever line can be the perfect way to start a conversation. When she's not writing, Annie loves spending time with her friends and family. She's always up for trying new things, and is always looking for ways to make life more fun.

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