Lebanese Pick Up Lines To Learn How to Flirt in Lebanon!

by Annie Rosy

“Shou ya ashta”(What’s up cherimoya.)
Dakhilo ma Ansah’o (Oh sweetie, you’re fat.)
Shu ya 7elo (What’s cracking, pretty woman?)
Chu Hal Ta’je ya Na’aje-What a curve, you sheep.(I give up.)
“Foote foote, sar 3anna tkhoote.”(Come in, we now have mattresses.)
Helo Jismik Chu Ismik?- You have a beautiful body, what’s your name?
Shu hal zaher … byo2har 2aherSo, (should I just stop wearing pink?)
Lebanese Pick Up Lines To Learn How to Flirt in Lebanon!
Lebanese Pick Up Lines To Learn How to Flirt in Lebanon!
3yoonek l 7elween(Why can’t you just take a compliment & say thanks!)
Shu hal nattah ya battah? (Calling me a duck? How do you like me now?)
Ya Helo fi Mennak a’ Jello?(Hey sweetie, do you come as a jello flavor too?)
Btetakali bala mili7(You’re edible the way you are, no salt or pepper needed.)
Hobbak Nar w Albi Toffeye(Your heart is made of fire and I’m your extinguisher.)
Fee mennik 3a Jello? (Didn’t you hear? I come in all shapes and sizes and flavors.)
Ana m2akad emmik na7le(My mom’s the queen bee?(bee..And then they explain to you…)
Chu Hal Ja’ra ya Ba’ra -What a stare, you cow.(I just threw up in my mouth a little.)
“Jamelik abba3 blat il hammeim.” (Your beauty made the bathroom tiles pop out of place.)
“Ya raytne ana il leefe w inte il saboon”(I wish I were a sponge and you were the soap bar.)
Shu hal kanze ya 3anze (Not sure calling me a goat is a good thing. Yeah, NO, it’s not.goat)
Chu Beha el Achta Serh’a bi Nos el Tari’? What’s with the Achta (cream) melting in the street?
3ashen ma fee atyab min heik… zay l 3asal (That it’s because you’re just as sweet as honey…)
Shu hal rouge ya farrouj(Using chicken as a reference to pick up girls really just makes you a chicken.)
“Jamelik wa22af il ja7ish bi noss il tal3a.” (Your beauty made a mule stop in its tracks going up a hill)
Akid Immik Nah’le (Your mom must be a bee.)(Insinuating that she makes “honey,” which is you. Har har har.)
Shu hal jasad ya asad(Yes, I come as a lion…feisty!(When you try and give them a compliment for a change…)
El 7elo bya3mil Sekkare ma hek?Teb Feena nkhaffif chouwe level el jamel wel 7ala 7atta ma ye3la el sekkare ma3na
A’tini Bawsi Men Chiftik Barke Bokra Ma Chiftik – Give me a kiss now, I might not see you tomorrow.(How about no?)
Chu Hal Jasad ya A$$ad.-What a body, you lion.(Another animal-friendly pick-up line because, you know, Lebanon’s a zoo up in here.)
Bchoufik el Khamees el mo2bal nchallah. Fi ghenniye bit2oul “Zayid 7alaki” Ma ba3rif iza 3al canderel.Teb mnekhoud break la2anno ballashet dabbi2
Fiyye id3as 3a wijjik? Heik bkoon awwal wa7ad da3as 3al amar.” (Can I step on your face? This way I would have been the first man to step on the moon.)
Shob lyom kteer.X: Shob bA$$?? Fatteeess-Eh walla Fatteess.X: Fattees bA$$?? Jhannamm!-3le2et bil 3aj2a 2 hours kenet ra7 jenn.X: Ana 3le2et 4 hours man!
“Law 3arifa al tiflu nu3umat khaddayki, la taraka il pampers wa khara 3alayki.”(Had a baby known the softness of your cheeks, it would have left its pampers and pooped on your face instead.)
Chu Hal Kanze ya A’anze! – What a t-shirt, you goat!(The use of the word goat is apparently used to reference a girl’s sweater, but in English it sounds more like an insult than a pick-up line.

About Annie Rosy

Annie is a writer who likes to focus on funny pick up lines. She enjoys making people laugh and feel good, and thinks that using a clever line can be the perfect way to start a conversation. When she's not writing, Annie loves spending time with her friends and family. She's always up for trying new things, and is always looking for ways to make life more fun.

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