[Top 10] Game Of Thrones Yo Mama Jokes

by Annie Rosy

Yo mama so old, the old gods pray to HER!
Yo mama so ugly, winter turned around and left!
Yo mama so dumb, she lost a spelling bee to Hodor
Yo mama so fat, even Roose Bolton won’t touch her
Yo mama so fat, she Winter-fell and couldn’t get up!
Yo Mama So Fat, she can’t fit through the moon door.
Yo Mama so dumb, she thought Bran Stark was a type of muffin.
[Top 10] Game Of Thrones Yo Mama Jokes
[Top 10] Game Of Thrones Yo Mama Jokes
Yo Mama so Ugly, she got turned down for “Girls Gone Wilding”
Yo mama so bad at S#x, the only kind of head she gives is severed.
Yo mama so fat, they’ve been calling her “the wall” for thousands of years!

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