[Top 50] Funny Chinese Jokes in English!

by Annie Rosy

Q: What does a Chinese person say when they spill soup on you?
A: Miso sorry.
Q: What has two wings and a halo?
A: An Asian Phone Call, Wing, Wing, Halo?
Q: How do you blindfold a Chinese person?
A: Put floss over their eyes.
Q: How do Chinese people name their babies?
A: They throw them down the stairs to see what noise they make.
Q: What do you call a Chinese drive-by?
A: Cappuccino.
Q. Why can’t Chinese people have white babies?
A. Because two Wongs don’t make a white.
Q. What do you call a Chinese Billionaire?
A.Cha Ching !
[Top 50] Funny Chinese Jokes in English!
[Top 50] Funny Chinese Jokes in English!
Q. What do you call a Chinese prosS#xute?
A. Suk Mi Dong
Q. What do you call a Chinese man who likes to eat soup with chopsticks?
A.Yuan Dum F@k
Q. What do you call a Chinese person with a video camera?
A. Phil Ming
Q. What do you call a Chinese S#x offender?
A.Fu Kūm Yung
Q. What DO You call a chinese friend who dies young.
A.So Yung.
Q. What do u call a Chinese dwarf?
A. Tai Nee
Q. Moved to China last week and I think I’ve got a female stalker.
A.I’ve seen her about a ten million times already today.
Q. What do you call a Chinese person with a magnifying glass?
A. Long Wang
Q. What do you call a drive by on a Chinese person?
A. Cap-a-Chino
Q. What do you call a Chinese person who eats too much?
A.Chin Tu Fat.
Q. What do you call a Chinese person who accidentally brushes his teeth with super glue?
A.Foo King Mong
Q. What do you call an old Chinese man?
A.Yung No More
Q. Did you hear about the 6 Chinese sailors who were killed by a killer whale?
A.Apparently it was an orca-strated attack.
Q. Why do Chinese people love trying a 69?
A.Because sizzling beef in Szechuan sauce is their favourite meal.
You look just like my Chinese friend Ug Lee.
Hi I’m Chinese. Once you go yellow you’ll never want another fellow.
Yo Mama is so fat.. she’s got more Chins than a Chinese telephone directory!
Got some cheap aftershave from China the other day, no wonder they all have eyes like that.
Can’t believe how many things are made by the Chinese these days. Even babies come from the vachina.
Just broke up with my Chinese girlfriend. Watching someone squint while they’re giving you a BJ is really off putting.
My Chinese friend recently told me he smuggles large amounts of cheap alcohol from China. Apparently it’s a ‘whiskey’ business.
Can’t believe how great the Chinese have become at making high-tech devices like mobile phones. They can do it with their eyes closed.
Chinese man rings boss “me no work I sick” boss says “when im sick I f*ck my wife try that” 2 hours later Chinese man rings back “me better, you got nice house.
Just found out today that my best friend is Chinese. I always thought he was just tired.
A recent study has revealed the top 3 greatest mysteries of life that people struggle with on a daily basis.
1. If sliced bread is so great why is the person who invented it not famous?
2. If blind people wear sunglasses then why don’t deaf people wear earmuffs?
3. If Chinese people all look the same, why do they need passports?

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