[Top 20] Do Not Pick Up Lines

[Top 20] Do Not Pick Up Lines 1

Donut ever let me go.
Sometimes I feel empty inside.
Mmmmmm…doughnuts. – Homer Simpson
You are the sprinkles on my donut.
I love you to the donuts and back.
I DONUT know what I’d do without you
Donuts make life a little bit sweeter.
Life’s too short for whole wheat donuts.
Donuts. An excuse to eat cake for breakfast.
Man doesn’t live by coffee alone… have a donut!
The only circle of trust you should have is a donut.
Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do? – Matt Groening
After exercising I always eat donuts. Just kidding! I don’t exercise.
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing.
Be sweet and honest always, but for God’s sake don’t eat my doughnuts! – Emma Bunton
As you ramble on through life, whatever be your goal keep your eye on the donut and not on the hole.
The closest I’ll get to winning the Hunger Games is when I spot the last donut in the office kitchen.
To find inner peace search deep inside yourself. Is there a donut there? If not, take corrective action.
I choked on a carrot this afternoon and all I could think was “I bet a donut wouldn’t have done this to me.”
I wanna steal a donut truck and go on a high speed chase because it would be funny watching cops chase a donut truck on the news.
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