[Top 50] Destiny Game Pick Up Lines

by Annie Rosy

I’ll be the Ice Breaker.
Just let your Nexus open
Thats all i got. too much?
wanna see my black hammer?
Wanna hold my orbs of light
I don’t have a Black Hammer,
Girl: are you hitting on me?
[Top 50] Destiny Game Pick Up Lines
[Top 50] Destiny Game Pick Up Lines
I’m gonna give you the Truth.
Or do you have the Red Death?
Bby I’m feeling really Th0rn¥.
With your Grips of No Tomorrow,
Id sure like to ignite your rift
And here’s a few non boss related
Just warn me before you Necrogasm.
let me enter your dreadnaught babe
“Have you been tested?” Lord Saladin
Hey girl..lemme show you my Dinklebot
i got your spark, it was in your eyes.
*opens her legs* WE’VE WOKEN THE HIVE!!!
Too many “your A$$ is legendary” comments
Because you already gave me a Hard Light.
Are you like the Templar and have Harpies?
I prefer my woman young cos I like a S#xan
Hey girl, take off your clothes, cuz destinee.
Cause if not, I’d love to see your Dark Below.
Girl are you Skolas? Cause I’ve fallen for you.
id sure love to raid that vault of a…nevermind.
Are you a ghost? Cause you just revived my heart.
s your A$$ blue? Cuz Im about to dismantle that $h!t
Girl you’re like the Fate Of All Fools, one of a kind.
Hey Babe R’U Crota? Cuz I’d explore your dark below.
Hey Babe R’U Oryx? Cuz I wanna be taken.
Hey Babe R’U Aksis? Cuz I’d come back for round two.
Hey Babe R’U Golgoroth? Cuz I wanna capture your gaze.
Hey Babe R’U The Templar? Cuz I don’t want you teleporting away.
Hey Babe R’U Vosik? Cuz I’ll break down your barrier.
Hey Babe R’U Omnigul? Cuz I’ll spend a long time in your chambers.
Hey Babe R’U Valus T’Aric? Cuz I don’t know anyone who didn’t say “F@%k Me” on that strike.
Hey Babe R’U the Shield Brothers? Cuz the reactor isn’t the only thing about to blow.
Hey Babe R’U SABER 2? Cuz your body is an environmental hazard to my health.
Hey Babe R’U Phogoth? Cuz that A$$ is one of a kind.
Hey Babe R’U Skolas? Cuz I’ve been hunting you down.
Hey Babe R’U Septiks? Cuz you’ve been perfected.
Hey Babe R’U Tanniks? Cuz you can be in my house.
Hey Babe R’U The Psion Flayers? Cuz I’ll get you out of that cortex.
Aye girl are you a Vandal?? Because I’ve fallen for you
Are you a sungsinger?? Because you are looking raidient
While I would never say Don’t Touch Me, I need to know:
hey girl, how about you join me. We’d make a “fire”team.
Are those pants purple?? Because that b00ty is legendary
That b00ty is as big as the battle of the twilight gap!!!
If I was Atheon, I fall off that cliff every time for you
Sorry i cant pay for dinner, do you have any spare change
Grab my Ghallahorn and watch the wolf pack rounds explode.
Girl, are those pants purple? Because dat a$$ is legendary
Hey girl. You can call me S#xan because I’m trying to smash.
Hey baby, are you Atheon? Cuz I’d spend all my time with you?
Hey girl, maybe we can decrypt some engrams together sometime
It’s not like we have No Back Up Plans, we’ll just use Plan C.
Don’t worry about after, cause I’ve got some Super Good Advice.
Bumpy Bumpy bumpy Bump into the sun and the rest of the universe
Your sub clA$$ must be an arc type because your body is electric
Is that Exo Stranger a Transformer? Cuz that bod is Optimus Fine.
Are you the legendary Gjallarhorn? Cuz I want you back in my life.
And I’ll eat your Lucky Rasberry, cause I got the Hunger of Crota.
Roses are red, violets are blue, if I were a Ghost, I’d choose you.
Hey baby, are you an Iron Lord? Cuz iron isn’t the only thing rising.
Are you tired because you’ve been void walking through my mind all reset
Better stand back, you know what happens when I open doors”—-> new ghost
Hey baby are you an Exotic Engram? Cuz I get excited every time I see you.
Are you a Gjallahorn? Cuz you’re just like my girlfriend. I don’t have one.
How much does an exotic sniper weigh?? Enough to break the ice. How you doing
If we were playing control and the other team had A and C, would you B with me?
Hey girl you must be an etheric light because you are ascending my black hammer.
Ive seen many fights in my time, but i wouldnt have missed dat b00ty for anything.
Hey baby, are you an Exotic Helmet? Cuz my mind isn’t the only thing that’s Obsidian.
“Hey man you got earphones?” “Yea why?” “Cause this girl about to shriek like omnigul”
Hey baby I’ve got you’re final round in my barrel, cuz im the only guy you’ll ever need.
Hey baby. Come over here and stroke my Gjallarhorn. It’ll fire off some wolf pack rounds
Hey girl, are those pants purple? ‘Cause that b00ty is LEGENDARY.Yes, ill go to my corner
I play it sly and tell ladies , “you’re interesting not entirely but interesting enough “.
Boy: hey girl are those space pants cau-Girl: NO THESE ARE DENIM JEANSBoy: ..aalrighty then.
And I feel the need to mention I don’t have patience and time, so you’ll always see me coming.
you can call me a vex offender but hey I don’t have the patience and time to think of Icebreakers
Have you been to the vault of glA$$ lately? Because when I look into your eyes I get lost in time.
That S#xan sash is not the only thing you’ll have around your waist when you go out with me tonight
S#xan “hey exo, you hang out here often?”Exo stranger “no thanks, I heard you have a little light”S#xan cries in the shower
Your relationships are like legendary weapons-Why? Cause they’re dumped after year 1Guy: often when we guess the motives of others we reveal only our own

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Annie is a writer who likes to focus on funny pick up lines. She enjoys making people laugh and feel good, and thinks that using a clever line can be the perfect way to start a conversation. When she's not writing, Annie loves spending time with her friends and family. She's always up for trying new things, and is always looking for ways to make life more fun.

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