[Top 30] Pick Up Lines to Use on Chinese People!

[Top 30] Pick Up Lines to Use on Chinese People! 1

Wing Wing Wing Herro?
Hey, is your name Wei Ting?
I love your almond-shaped eyes.
Want some rice with that chicken?
Hey girl, wanna see my chow mein?
You like the white boys, don’t you?
I heard Chinese girls are great in bed.
I won gold in ping pong at the Olympics.
You can travel down my silk road anytime.
I’ve always wanted to date a Chinese girl.
If you will be my Yin, can I be your Yang?
I love fried rice. Can you make some for me?
Yeah, (sniff) I cried during “Joy Luck Club.”
I may look like a nerd but it’s only a disguise.
Are you Chinese? Because you just stole my heart.
I will make you soften as fast as instant noodles.
Hey miss, want to see my Dragon, it’s a year long.
What do you think about Western guys speaking Chinese?
My eyes may seem small but I’ve got a HUGE personality!
I’m studying Chinese and I need to practice. How do you like it?
Do I cook? Well, not really but I can whip up a pretty mean fried rice!
You know what? It’s strange, but I get mistaken for a white guy all the time!
Good thing the one child policy is being revoked, because I want at least 9 with you.
Has anyone ever told you you look like Chun Li? You know, that girl from Street Fighter 2.
Uhhhh, no, I didn’t play football in high school but I did letter in varsity volleyball and tennis.
I carry this beeper not to feel important but so my mom knows where I am. I carry this phone to call her back.
What do I do? Gee, I thought you would never ask. Y’see, I’m finishing my first year of residency in internal medicine.
Hey baby, wanna ride in my 16-valve, twin-cam lowered Acura Integra with BBS gold-spiked rims and a subwoofered stereo that’ll leave youbreathless?