[Top 100] Bible Biblical Pick Up Lines

by Annie Rosy

Nice Bible.
Pray here often?
Is this pew taken?
Aye girl. Gimme Psalm of that.
I put the stud in Bible study.
Hi. My name is Will… God’s Will.
I would part the Red Sea for you.
[Top 100] Bible Biblical Pick Up Lines
[Top 100] Bible Biblical Pick Up Lines
You. Me. Song of Songs: The Remix.
For you I would slay two Goliaths!
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Here I am, the answer to your prayers.
Wanna come over and watch Left Behind?
I totally predicted David over Goliath.
Hey girl. Bathsheeba had nothing on you.
I believe one of my ribs belongs to you.
I’d love to show you 50 shades of grace…
Let’s be like Noah and do this as a pair.
You are perfect, except with all the sin.
Do you want to be accountability partners?
God was just showing off when he made you.
Is your name Grace? Becuase you are amazing.
You make the Queen of Sheba look like a hobo.
So, my parents are home, you wanna come over?
Let’s scan the Bible and pick out baby names.
Is it hot in here or that just your Holy Fire?
If we were around with Noah… then you, me… pair!
How about you be the salt, and I’ll be the light.
You must be Egyptian because I’m a slave for you.
What’re you doing for the rest of your afterlife?
Hey girl, are you familiar with Fordyce’s sermons?
What are you doing for the rest of your afterlife?
You just broke a commandment by stealing my heart.
How would you like to join my Purpose Driven Life?
You are so unblemished that I would sacrifice you.
It’s obvious you sprouted from the good kind of soil.
Wanna serve at the soup kitchen with me on Wednesday?
How’s your walk with the Lord? Let’s share our hearts.
Hey girl. I heard Jesus called you. Mind I do the same?
Hey girl, whenever I read Proverb 31, I think about you.
Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Gilead.
7 plagues is nothing compare to what I’d go through for you.
Are you hot or is that just the holy spirt buring inside you?
Doesn’t the Bible say to ‘greet one another with a holy kiss?
Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives…because he never met you.
My favorite commandment is the one about “loving one another.”
It’s obvious to me that you sprouted from the good kinda soil.
The Holy Spirit compells me. I can’t help but draw near to you.
Is your name virtue? Because you garnish my thoughts unceasingly.
I feel like God’s telling me that you should go on a date with me.
I’m pretty much considered an elder in the congregation these days.
How many times do I have to walk around you to make you fall for me?
It makes me feel so good when I think about how equally yoked we are.
Hey girl, reading Leviticus with you was so fun! Let’s do that again!
Do you need prayer? Because I’m certainly willing to lay hands on you.
You know what the temple veil and I have in common? We’re both ripped.
King Solomon may have been wise…but I’m more of a one-wife guy myself.
10% of me is 100% certain that I can give you 10% of my heart forever.
Hey girl, God commands us to be fruitful and multiply. What do you say?
You know why Solomon had so many wives? It’s because he never found you.
I have a bible verse tattoo, it’s permanent, it’s also in ancient Greek.
I can’t wait to see your body of Chirst. When you gonna ask me to church?
Do you know how I can volunteer with the Sunday School? I really love kids.
Let me sell you an indulgence because it’s a sin to look as good as you do.
I was not checking him out. I was admiring how the good lord has blessed him.
Like the Bible says, I guard my heart. And you just set off my security alarm.
You and me, we’re like loaves and fishes. We just might be a miracle together.
I have to wear sunglA$$es when I’m around you because your halo shines so bright.
You be the fish and I’ll be the looves. Let’s let Jesus make a miracle out of us.
I just have this feeling that God put us both on the same mission trip for a reason.
I consider myself to be fisher of women. This would be referred to as “casting my net.”
I’m no Joseph, but I’m having trouble interpreting the dreams I’ve been having about you.
You’re looking a knight in shining armor. I just so happen to be wearing the armor of God.
The word says “Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry,” how about dinner?
I noticed that you have the bible app on your phone… I can tell you’re a woman of the word.
So last night I was reading in the book of Numbers, and then I realized, I don’t have yours.
I arrange the substantial Christian section of my bookshelf into alphabetical order. Coffee?
Unfortunately I can’t perform miracles and I’ve only got enough bread and fish for 2 people.
I have been practiving my Sufjan songs. Wanna harmonize with me while we gaze at each other?
It makes my head spin to see you serve food to those homeless people. You’re such a servant.
I used to believe in natural theology, but since I met you I’ve converted to divine revelation.
Look, you’re nearly 22. Most christians are three years into marriage by now…just settle for me.
I’ve been reading Joshua, but how many times do I have to walk around you before you fall for me?
If my wallet look like a bible, it’s only because the Word of God is ore valuable to me than gold.
I know you’ve already said no once, but call me Joshua because I’m going to break down your walls.
Did you say your name was Esther? Oh, I guess I just think you were chosen for such a time as this.
I think it’s cute when we’re in the car and you turn down the music when a swear word is coming up.
Hey girl. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to sit next to you during the prayer so that we can hold hands.
I don’t know if you noticed but, when you walked into the room, that was me giving up a clap offering.
Hey girl. Unfortunately, I can’t perform miracles, and I only have enough fish and bread for two people…
Make a pA$$ing comment about your meeting being the result of Divine intervention or Divine appointment.
The word says to ‘Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry’; So how about dinner tonight?
You’ve been waiting for God to grant you the desires of your single heart, and I’m certain to satisfy them.
On first dates, I always take girls to get BBQ ribs. It feels the most biblical considering they came from one.
I know Paul says that it’s better to stay single, but ever since I met you I knew that would be impossible for me.
I heard that Tim Keller’s book, “The Meaning of Marriage,” is pretty great. How baout we read it together and discuss?
The Lord is your refuge and strenght in times of need, but in the meantime I was thinking I could lay hands on you in prayer…
Your heart for worship is extremely attractive. The way that you sing your heart out and throw your hands in teh air… Gracious.
My friend told me to come and meet you, he said that you are a really nice person. I think you know hiim, Jesus, yeah, that’s his name.
I may not have a job right now, and I may live in my parent’s baSêmênt, but I swear to you I’m storing up treasure in heaven and my mansion is gonna rock.

About Annie Rosy

Annie is a writer who likes to focus on funny pick up lines. She enjoys making people laugh and feel good, and thinks that using a clever line can be the perfect way to start a conversation. When she's not writing, Annie loves spending time with her friends and family. She's always up for trying new things, and is always looking for ways to make life more fun.

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