Best WII Nintendo Pick Up Lines

Best WII Nintendo Pick Up Lines 1

“Hey, wanna come over and play with my Wii? And maybe afterwards you could stay and play with my Wii.”
“After I play with my Wii for a while my arm gets tired, maybe you could come over and help me out with that problem.”
“Mii + You= Wii”
“Before we play, you better get your strap-on”
Bring your Wii over so Wii can play!
My Wii is wireless…
My Wii is PINK!
“Hey baby what’s your Wii-mail?”
“hey baby, wanna come over and play with my wii? it vibrates
“don’t forget to put on your strap, there’s no playing with my Wii without protection”
Do you want to come over and play with my Wii, make sure you get a good gip as it vibrates.
The longer you play with my Wii the more your arm will ache
Do you want to play with my Wii and we can check out your slot load action.
“This isn’t the only Wii that responds to motion”
“My Wii-mote isn’t the only thing that vibrates and eats batteries…”
surround ur taget … Wii come in peace
it used to burn when i wii’d, but now it doesnt. wii should wii together babii…..
GUY: Wanna see my wee? GIRL: You mean your Wii? GUY: Nope. :ihih:
You wanna see my Wii? Its big, white and hard…
“My Wii may be small, but it looks very clean. Come on, look.”
if you sit on your left hand and play wii if feels like someone else is doing it for you? no wait..
ROFL, some very funneh wii pick up lines LOL