[Top 50] Thor,Loki Pick Up Lines for Avengers Marvel Fans!

by Annie Rosy

Ever hook up with a god? Didn’t think so. ~ THOR
I’m gonna do you so hard you’ll be Thor the next day.~ THOR
Mjolnir isn’t the only hammer I’ve got ~ THOR
Doth Thou Mother Know.I am removing your Drapes.~ THOR
I will grab you like my hammer.~ THOR
[Top 50] Thor,Loki Pick Up Lines for Avengers Marvel Fans!
[Top 50] Thor,Loki Pick Up Lines for Avengers Marvel Fans!
Are you from Asgard? Because you’re out of this world.~ THOR
I may be a god, but you’re a full-on goddess. ~ THOR
Let’s turn off the lights so I can show you some lightning. ~ THOR
I don’t need my hammer to send lightning shocks through your body. ~ THOR
Thunder isn’t the only thing that will make you quake. ~ THOR
Wanna see my hammer?~ THOR
Did it hurt? when you fell from Asgard.~ THOR
Neighh.. ~ LOKI
How About glorious and Lengthy.?~ LOKI
Iron man is red,thor’s hair is gold.Get on upir knees and do it as you are told.~ LOKI
So what do you crave beside Subjugation.?~ LOKI
Oh, i can think of at least one version of this in which i come ou on top.~ LOKI
KNEEEEEEEL! and while you’re down there…~ LOKI
So, want to find out why they call me silver tongue?.~ LOKI
Is that Mjolnir in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.?~ LOKI
Your ledger isn’t the only think dripping and gushing, now is it?~ LOKI
What was that about performance issues.~ LOKI
Oh, i have a very specific skill set. would you like to try?~ LOKI
I am not your brother. i Never was!~ LOKI
What happended to you on earth to turn to turn you so sof? don’t tell me it was that woman! Oh,it was.Then i’ll just have to harden your back up.~ LOKI

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