Best Knitters-Yarn-Sewing Related Pick Up Lines

by Annie Rosy

Knit..knit..Baby.Let’s repeat.
Your yarn is sooooo soft. Touch mine.
You’re so cute I’d give you my pattern for free.
There’s nothing quite like a new ball of yarn in the hand, don’t you agree?
I want to frog you.
I’ve been looking across the room at you all night and I think it’s high time we purl the two of us together.
You do that like you’ve been slip sS#xching your whole life.
Best Knitters-Yarn-Sewing Related Pick Up Lines
Best Knitters-Yarn-Sewing Related Pick Up Lines
Let’s finish off this dinner then try some back-looping.
Your needle tips are so cold, let me warm them for you.
I soooo want to handle your hank.
Are you left-handed or right?
Do you like your yarn forward or back?
You’re loose like chenille.
I like my men like my balls of yarn, manageable.
What will it take to convert you to come home with me?
Ooooh, a blocker playing hard to get!
You like working with naturally dyed yarns? That’s so raw.
What I wouldn’t give for some of your purls of wisdom.
You make me so hot I want to cast off.
The bigger the needle, the bigger the … sS#xch!
Are you into bondage, ’cause I can have you in knots?
That’s not the only thing I can do with a needle.
That’s not my needle hon’
It’s not true that knitters never finish what they start.
Well if you want to just use one, that’s okay but it’s a lot more fun with two!
It’s not whether you pick or throw, it’s in how you handle the needle!
Crocheters are okay, but knitters have to use two hands!
The cables give it more texture – for your pleasure!
It gets even BIGGER when I block it!
Knit knit.. hey girl you free this friday?..ummm, because we should totally knit 2 together and make 1 it?

About Annie Rosy

Annie is a writer who likes to focus on funny pick up lines. She enjoys making people laugh and feel good, and thinks that using a clever line can be the perfect way to start a conversation. When she's not writing, Annie loves spending time with her friends and family. She's always up for trying new things, and is always looking for ways to make life more fun.

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