[Top 50+] Pick Up Lines To Impress A Cheerleader Girl!

[Top 50+] Pick Up Lines To Impress A Cheerleader Girl! 1

Cheerleading pick up lines
Hey girl, Let me teach you how to yell.
I wish I were your back spot so that I could touch your butt.
I got a 0.5 deduction for falling for you.
You have the most delightful belly button I’ve ever seen. I don’t care for a large number of people’s since it’s commonly amongst the most unhygienic part of a body. But yours is stunning.
It’s funny to the point that was hot cheerleader, and I was a blundering geek since now WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Cheerleading pick up lines
Are you a flyer because I want to pick you up.
I must be a loose flyer because I’m falling for you.
Is it true that you are a banana since you’re awesome at the splits?
Can you teach me the counts? Counts to your heart.
Cheerleading pick up lines
Hey boy, I can handle more than one stick at a time.
Hey, girl, Your legs look like they’ve never met. I don’t have to work hard to open them.
Do you believe in love at first sight of someone’s butt?
Cheerleading pick up lines
I’ll love you like a flyer loves not bring dropped.
Are you a cheerleader because you’ve tumbled through my mind.
I must say that high school was hell, but you were the hottest thing there.