[Top 30] Anime Yo Mama Jokes

by Annie Rosy

Yo mama so fat, she evolved.
Yo mama so ugly she makes Zubats cry.
Yo mama so fat, heavy slam doesn’t affect her.
Yo mama so ugly she can’t turn a Magnemite on.
Yo mama so fat she makes Snorlax look Anorexic.
Yo mama’s so fat even Machamp couldn’t lift her.
Yo mama so fat Sheer Cold does half damage on her!
[Top 30] Anime Yo Mama Jokes
[Top 30] Anime Yo Mama Jokes
Yo mama so fat she asks Snorlax for dieting advice
Yo mama so fat even the Master Ball can’t hold her.
Yo momma so fat she makes Snorlax look like a slim jim
Yo mama so stupid she tried to open a door with a Klefki.
Yo Mamas so fat she used splash and the planet split in two.
Yo mama so fat even Snorlax get sucked into orbit around her!
Yo mama so fat, you need a pokeflute to get her off of the road.
Yo mama so ugly, Jigglypuff made sure it’s cute charm didn’t work!
Yo momma so ugly when she uses attract the other Pokemon kills itself
Yo Mama so fat, when she wears a green coat people shout out ‘SNORLAX’!
What’s the difference between a Wailord and Yo Mama? About ten pounds!
Yo Mama so fat that when she farted, people thought she learned Eruption.
Yo mama so fat alakazam tried to use telekinesis on her and got a hernia.
Yo Mama’s so ugly Feebas was forced to use the “You’re not my type” card.
Yo mama so radioactive, when she steps near an Eevee it evolves into a digimon.
Yo mama so stupid she thought Skrelp was actually seaweed and tried to make sushi with it!
Yo mama so fat she’s got bruises all over her body from trainers trying to catch a Wailord.

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