[Top 50] Team Fortress 2 (Tf2) Pick Up Lines

[Top 50] Team Fortress 2 (Tf2) Pick Up Lines 1

Are you an engineer, baby?
“Achievement item; they’re not tradeable”
How ’bout you stop using W+M1 and blow me.
How bout we push this cart back to my place.
You’re like an unusual, everybody wants you.
You must be a Sandman, cause GIRL YOU STUNNIN!
Stick with me girl, I never pop my Über too early.
This could easily be misinterpreted for flatulence.
gordon has seen a lot of combines been run over too.
“I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and this is my new weapon.”
Did you just airblast? Cause you’re blowing me away.
Let’s go back to my place and I’ll cover you in piss.
You forgot to say “away” again…She blew them all away.
Wow, just the right mixture between creepy and… creepy.
You cant be a sandvich without my mayo between your ham
are you on fire? because i feel like throwing piss at you
Someone told me to “Sap Their Sentry” on my profile once.
Are you a heavy, because you look like you’d enjoy meD!¢K
You must be an eerie crate because I’ve got a bonedolier.
“How about we push this cart back to my place ” “Wink Wink”
Alternately: Are ye ready for the Tavish Degroot Experience?
“I’ve seen better sides of beef been run over by a combine.”
’cause you’re making my dispenser erect way faster than usual.
Adapted onto servers as: “lol f@g0t, stop W+M1 and blow me lol”
“You must be a spy, nothing but a disguise can look that pretty”
Are you an unusual hustler’s hallmark? Cause i’ve got an erection.
Baby, your parents must have been pyros because they made you HOT.
Are you a scout? Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day
Scout: I can do a little boink bonk, if ya know what I mean *eyebrow wiggle*
Or whatever the guy equivalent of sploosh is. Which I guess is just sploosh.
Never ever am I revealing that I’m a girl on tf2 if this is what’s on offer…
Are those updated localization files in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
I am reading through all the Heavy dialog. So many of them would be so dark as pickup lines…
Did it hurt ye when ye fell from -hick- I forget the rest but yer a fine drink o’ wa’er lA$$…
I could imagine Pyro flipping out at a bar while shouting this, his whole team is just staring at him.
Oh, come on, as a fellow female, be honest here.. If we didn’t enjoy this humor, we wouldn’t be playing :p
I just started HL2 and haven’t gotten to that part yet. I have hit soldiers with my boat though. That was fun.
Reporting for duty, sir. I am prepared for this mission; will penetrate their defensive lines with steadfast spunk and plant my explosives.