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[Top 30] Surfing Pick Up Lines to Impress a Surfer!

Scuba and Surfing pick up lines Surfboards last longer. Surfboards curves never sag. Surfboards don’t get pregnant. Surfboards don’t have in-laws. Surfboards don’t care if you are out late. Golf: For people who don’t know how to surf. You can ride a Surfb... [read more]

[Top 150] Scuba Pick Up Lines

Nice bobbers! Fishing I like hookers. Fishing Nice tanks Scuba Diving I’m narked. Scuba Diving I’ve got a 9′ rod. Fishing Let me see your fly box. Fishing Can i fish in your pond? Fishing I really like your suit. General I’m a single diver....... [read more]

[Top 100] Swimming Pick Up Lines To Impress A Swimmer!

I really like your suit. Can I see your tan lines? You really flipturn me on. I never have a false start. I perform best when I’m wet. Nice beach balls, can I play? You make my heart slip ‘n slide. Girl, you give me...... [read more]

Best Lifeguard Beach Poolside Pick Up Lines

One who maintains the safety of the patrons in and around the pool,beach and water activities.... [read more]

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