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[Top 30] Sky Rim Pick Up Lines

I bet you come with lots of perks. Are you able to hold my dragon bone? Every little thing you do is Magicka! Is that an Amulet of Mara you’re wearing? I don’t need the Thu’um to bend your will. I hope you like things...... [read more]

[Top 50] Portal Game Pick Up Lines

They are the apple of my eye. Tonight, cake won’t be the only thing you’ll eat pick up lines are too much let’s fu©k. can i corrupt you with my core. Out of all the cores you have best one. Why not come over here...... [read more]

[Top 60+] Super Mario Bros. Luigi Pick Up Lines-For Video Game Fans!

Let me level you up. They don’t call me Super for nothing. Wanna ride my Yoshi? You know, I could eat a Princess Peach for hours. Mushrooms aren’t the only thing that make me grow. I want to lower the flag on your pole. Luigi...... [read more]

Top 50+ Minecraft Pick Up Lines That are GoldLike!

We all love Minecraft. A collection of some of the best Minecraft pick up lines that you can creatively use to start a meaningful conversation with your crush.... [read more]

Best Halo Pick Up Lines,Jokes and Puns!

“Hey baby, take off your overshield so I can duel-wield your Halos!” “Hi babe, wanna see my Fist of Rukt? It manipulates gravity, if you know what I mean. ;)” Don’t ask if I need a magnum whilst pointing at your crotch. May I suggest...... [read more]