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[Top 100] Sugar Pick Up Lines For Diabetics!

“Your meter or mine?” How was Heaven when you left it? “Hey girl, I bet you’re my type.” “With you around, I never feel low” Your so sweet, your giving me cavaties I lost my teddy bear can i sleep with you Are you an...... [read more]

[Top 30] Good Night Pick Up Lines

Your shirt has to go, but you can stay! Your shirt needs to go, yet you can remain! Touch me now, since I think I am imagining! Touch me now, because I think I am dreaming! You know, you don’t even need a penny for...... [read more]

Best Filipino, Pinoy Pick Up Lines in Tagalog

Miss pakisampal nga ako…nananaginip ata ako simula ng makita ka eh Anong oras no miss? (10:30pm) Ah ok gusto ko lang tandaan anong oras kita nakilala Buti hindi ka ginagamit sa gyera…you know, you’re the bomb Birthday ko ngayon, pwede makahingi ng kiss? Y... [read more]

[Top 50] Pinoy,Filipino Pick Up Lines in Tagalog

Well, nag-Smart na ako ngayon. Kasi pag Globe ako, you always turn it upside down. Hi. Napansin ko kasi ang galing mo sa Algebra clA$$ natin. Patulong naman? Paki subsS#xute naman yung X ko oh? Buti na lang wala na masyado MMDA nagkalat ngayon. Kasi...... [read more]

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