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[Top 50] Team Fortress 2 (Tf2) Pick Up Lines

Are you an engineer, baby? WE MAKE ENTIRE TEAM OF BABIES “Achievement item; they’re not tradeable” How ’bout you stop using W+M1 and blow me. How bout we push this cart back to my place. You’re like an unusual, everybody wants you. You must be...... [read more]

[Top 50] Runescape Pick Up Lines For Video Game Lovers!

I coudn’t watch it. You’re my desert treasure Theiving already mentioned. Desert Treasure. Killer line. Nice pants!what’s the drop rate? I’d like to examine your digsite. Could you examine my Dwarf cannon? “uhhhmmm okay good luck with that” hey can i plea... [read more]

[Top 40] Smash Bros Pick Up Lines

“COME! BITE ME!” “Show me your BØØBs!” I have amazing spacing. I cancel the L in lobotomy baby. Only works with flat-chested girls. Let me show you a true nipple stomp. I work best with the tip of my sword. Hey girl, can I falcon...... [read more]

[Top 250] Sonic The Hedgehog Pick Up Lines

I’d raid your dungeon. General I’m not a zombie Resident Evil It takes two to play Pong Pong You wanna ride on my ‘hog? Halo wanna mod my Gauss Rifle? Fall Out Will you be my player two? General I want you to fus ro...... [read more]

[Top 30] Sky Rim Pick Up Lines

I bet you come with lots of perks. Are you able to hold my dragon bone? Every little thing you do is Magicka! Is that an Amulet of Mara you’re wearing? I don’t need the Thu’um to bend your will. I hope you like things...... [read more]

[Top 30] Mass Effect Pick Up Lines

“I know you feel this” Her pants came right off. Batarian- Let me be your slave. Garrus you’re just a Ladies man It might work on a ME (or gamer poop) fan. “With S#xual intent: Can I buy you a drink?” So is this the...... [read more]

[Top 30] Dark Souls Pick Up Lines

“Try Rear.” Frampt me baby. “Amazing Chest.” This one has it all. Wanna light my bonfire ? “Parry me until I resposte.” “Try holding with both hands.” Want to meet me in the bed of chaos? “Hey babe, wanna kindle my bonfire?” Girl you give...... [read more]

[TOP 50] CSGO Counter Strike Pick Up Lines

“You’re a Mac-10/10” I’m Fnatic for you <3 I’ll show you A Long ;D Want to rush my banana? Can I camp in your Pit? Want to rush my banana ? You wana see my Pit Viper? All rush banana no stop plz Can I...... [read more]

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