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[TOP 50] CSGO Counter Strike Pick Up Lines

“You’re a Mac-10/10” I’m Fnatic for you <3 I’ll show you A Long ;D Want to rush my banana? Can I camp in your Pit? Want to rush my banana ? You wana see my Pit Viper? All rush banana no stop plz Can I...... [read more]

Best WII Nintendo Pick Up Lines

“Hey, wanna come over and play with my Wii? And maybe afterwards you could stay and play with my Wii.” “After I play with my Wii for a while my arm gets tired, maybe you could come over and help me out with that problem.”...... [read more]

Top 50+ Minecraft Pick Up Lines That are GoldLike!

We all love Minecraft. A collection of some of the best Minecraft pick up lines that you can creatively use to start a meaningful conversation with your crush.... [read more]

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