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[Top 50] Emoji Pick Up Lines

Planetary (Go..) out with me. Three Two One, I came to fk. Imma Gerard my Way into your pants. Come clean me off, I’m so dirty babe. Wanna trade mix tapes? Let’s blast Destroya together in my room. Why don’t you blow me- a kiss...... [read more]

[Top 100] ABC English Alphabet Pick Up Lines

“Can I borrow your mouth?” “Bloody hell, this is heavy”. “You’re cold. Let me hold you” How about a pizza and then S#x at my place? You smell like trash.. Can I take you out? “Have you got any raisins? How about a date?” “Will...... [read more]

Best Clever Cunning Pick Up Lines

I’m inFATuated with you! You are the Obi-Wan for me. I want you to be my emergency contact person If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple. Are you related to Yoda ? Cause YODALICIOUS Even the sun is jealous of the way you...... [read more]

[Top 100] Cheesy Pick Up Lines So Funny You’re Guaranteed to Laugh

If you were a booger I’d pick you first. You must work at Subway, ’cause you just gave me a footlong. You are the most interesting piece of A$$ i’ve talked to all evening. I’d like to kiss you pA$$ionately on the lips, then move...... [read more]

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