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[Top 100] British Chat Up Lines and One Liners For Slang Romance !

Your search is over, here I am. Nice legs! What time do they open? What would you like for breakfast? You are an oasis in my desert of life. Do you sleep on your chest? No? May I? How’d’ya fancy going halves on a bast@rd?...... [read more]

[Top 50] Pick Up Lines To Seduce Any Whovian

GERONIHO!!!! IN-CEM-IN-ATE! Hello sweetie! Hello, Sweetie! You’re Oodiful. You’re so Oodiful. You’re Dalektable. PROCREATE! PROCREATE! You give me Torchwood. I hear you’re Allon-easy. I think you’re fantastic! I’d wait centuries for you. You’ve stolen bot... [read more]