Chessy-But-Cute Pickup Lines

by Maria Line

Are you feeling lonely? Do you wish to get along with your loved ones with exciting content? If yes, you need to use some romantic, funny, and cute pick up lines. Nowadays, many Chessy-But-Cute pickup lines are exciting and available to lovers, friends, and colleagues at their lonely and fun-filled times. These pickup lines are crafted to make the quality time you spend with your friends become memorable. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best collections of Chessy-But-Cute pickup lines.

Romantic Chessy Pickup Lines

Romantic Chessy Pickup Lines
Romantic Chessy Pickup Lines
Hey baby! I guess you have an intimate relationship with CPR because I discovered you just took my precious breath away.
Hey Wendy! Aside from you taking my breath away daily, what job do you do to earn a living for yourself?
Hey friend! I ought to register my complaint to Spotify for the lack of privilege to name this week as the hottest singles week.
Hey baby! I guess you are a parking ticket because you have got it written all over your face.
Hey Lisa! Every time I look into your eyes. What I see are a king and a caring soul.
Hey baby! Your eyes look like the blue ocean. I can swim in them throughout the whole weekend.
Hey baby! If you are a vegetable, you will be likened to a cute cumber.
Hey Melinda! It's like you have a Band-Aid because I am willing to scrap my knees to fall for your love.
Hey baby! I have never trusted in love at first sight. When I saw you, I was totally convinced.
Hey baby! It was difficult to identify what I desire in a woman until the time I met you.
Hey friend! I want you to tell me if you are around me and the person that is running Heaven.
Hey baby! I just the sky is gray. No wonder all the color is right here in your eyes.
Hey Love! You have gotten all I have been searching for in my dream woman. Believe me; I have been looking for someone like you for a long time.
Hey Melinda! You are like sweet wine. The more time I sip you, the better I enjoy myself.
Hey baby! You are endowed with a lot of attractive curves. Your smiles are exciting and absolutely my favorite.
Hey baby! I guess you are beautiful on the inside just as you look outside.
Hey baby! If beauty and elegance was a crime. You will be declared guilty as charged.
Hey Elon! I wondered if you are a professional artist because you have done excellently by drawing me into your heart.
Hey Medly! The Bible says; think of what is lovely and pure only. You are the only thing I think about all day.
Hey baby! Bring out your map because I am lost right here in your eyes.

Funny Cheesy-But-Cute Pickup Lines

Hey baby! Come let's go to the movies. However, you won't be allowed to enter with your own snacks
Hey friend! You know what you will look beautiful in my arms.
Hey baby! I bet you. I cannot play a hide and seek game with you because it's extremely impossible to find someone like you.
Hey baby! I guess you are a magician. What is happening is the strangest thing because every time I set my eyes on you, all other people disappear.
Hey Jones! It seems my phone is faulty. Kindly help me call it to know if it will work.
Hey baby! I really appreciate the greatest gift you have given to me. I have been wearing this smile since I have gotten it from you.
Hey Stones! I guess you are a professional electrician because you have light up my night.
Hey friend! I was told kissing is the perfect language of love. Can you initiate the conversation with me to learn more?
Hey Lisa! I believe so much in following my dreams. Let me have your Instagram ID.
Hey friend! I have always believed happiness started with the letter "H." However, mine turn out to start with "u."
I guess you know what that I have in common with that Little Mermaid. We are both parts of your world.
Hey Serena! If you are composed into a song, you will be my best track on the album.
Hey baby! On the scale of one to America, how free will you be tonight?
Hey friend! I have always believed that Disneyland was the happiest place I can visit on earth before I met you. After meeting you, Disneyland is nowhere near you.
Hey love! Let's go out to take fresh air. You almost took my precious breath away.
Hey friend! You would be set to stun if you were a taser.
Hey baby! You would be Optimus Fine if you were a working Transformer.
Hey baby! I guess your name is Google because I have gotten all I am searching for in you.
Hey Lisa! You have never got tired of running through my thought all night.
Hey friend! People have always say that love is when you don't sleep because reality is better than your dreams. Immediately I saw you, I will not be willing to sleep tonight.

Chessy Pickup Lines

Hey, cute! Your beautiful hands look heavy. Let me hold them for you.
Hey Lisa! I guess you are a time traveler because I am seeing you in my promising future.
Hey baby! Can you guess what my beautiful shirt is made of? It's boyfriend material.
Hey friend! I guess this place is a restaurant or bar but I'm willing to visit the museum because you look like a piece of art.
Hey baby! Your smile has lighted up my room all night. I am here to say hello.
Hey baby! I'm your name. I guess you still remember my face. Yes, we have only met once in my dreams.
Hey baby! Do you know what it feels when you have a beautiful girl in the room?
Hey friend! It's hard to believe that was a strong earthquake or you just rocked my world effectively.
Hey Kasy! You would be the fine apple in my eyes if you are a fruit.
Hey baby! Can I know your name because it must be beautiful just as you are?
Hey Jacky! You are astonishingly beautiful. Let me tell you something interesting. I will always love you.
Hey baby! The sparkle in your elegant eyes is so bright. The sun must be jealous of the beauty.
If beauty is counted as time. You will be an eternity in my life.
Hey baby! Once upon a time, I look at the sky at night, what I see are the stars. Appreciating its beauty every day, now am looking at your beautiful eyes and nothing can be compared to them.
Hey Lisa! If I have nickel in my possession and saw someone that shares the same beauty like you, I would still offer just five cents.
I believe the perfect way to be more beautiful is for me to know you more.
Hey baby! I believe someone stole the beauty of the stars and kept them in your beautiful eyes.
Hey Melinda! I can't predict the one that is prettier between your elegant eyes and the weather today.
In my candid opinion, there are three types of beauty: cute, sexy, and pretty. I concluded you are the three in one.

Cute Pickup Lines

I don't consider religion when choosing, but when I set my eyes on you, I detected you are the perfect answer to my prayers.
Hey baby! Stretch out your hands and join them with mine. Let's go out for a walk.
Hey Stones! Do you believe in love at first sight or I should try walking by your side again?
Hey Jones! I am delighted I bought myself life insurance because my heart stopped immediately I set my eyes on you.
Hey Jack! I never learned photography but I picture us together the moment I saw you.
If you don't mind giving me a nice pinch, I will love to wake up to reality.
Hey John! God made you with special stones because you are really showing off.
Kiss me if you love me. Do not pretend to do so.
Hey Leo! Help me check what the time says. I want to know the exact time I got that memorable crush on you.
If I were a cute cat, I will spend the greater part of my time with you.
Trust me if you can. I don't drink but I am intoxicated with you since I have met you.
It seems you have lost my number. Kindly help me with yours.
Emiliano told me I couldn't chat with the prettiest girl of my dream. Here I am with you to prove him wrong.
Hey baby! I came here to take a drink but you have successfully distracted me with your beauty.
Hey baby! There is an interesting book I started reading yesterday. Come in and let me share it with you.
My friends over there appreciate your beauty and elegance.
I call you beautiful but just realized I don't have your number. Can I have it on my cellphone?

Conclusion on Chessy-But-Cute Pickup Lines

Today, I have crafted the best Chessy-But-Cute pick-up lines you can use with your spouse, friends, and colleagues while engaging in different activities. Enjoy reading!

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