[Top 50] Akatsuki Hinatas Pick Up Lines

[Top 50] Akatsuki Hinatas Pick Up Lines 1

Baby ill show you ALL 6 paths!
I’ll be Naruto for you Hinata.
How’d you like to see my kunai?
That’s not a kunai in my pocket, you know.~ Hinatas
Damn girl, I wanna give you that Shinra Tensei.~ Hinatas
Kisame: My Samehada has never been this excited.~ Hinatas
I’ll love you longer than all the Naruto episodes.~ Hinatas
Orochimaru: Be my vessel, I want to be inside you.~ Hinatas
Do you have any Uzumaki in you? Would you like some?~ Hinatas
I don’t need to use Byakugan to see into your heart.~ Hinatas
They say Uzumaki have the strongest bodies. Believe it.~ Hinatas
Your name must be Kimmimaro because you give me a boner.~ Hinatas
Zabuza: I’m one of the seven swordsmen, wanna be my sheath?~ Hinatas
Naruto: I’ve got nine tails, can you handle them all at once?~ Hinatas
Kakashi: I don’t use my fingers only for thousand years of pain.~ Hinatas
Girl when I see you, Mokuton activates in my pants for no reason.~ Hinatas
I give better tongue than Deidara. But you’ll have to c4 yourself.~ Hinatas
Hey, Sasuke! How’d you like have your Throwing-knife in my Shuriken?~ Hinatas
Deidara: I don’t have tongues coming out of my hand for nothing you know.~ Hinatas
Baby, they call me Deidara because I’m going to explode all over your face~ Hinatas
Hey, baby! I m like a Rubix cube. The more you play with me, the harder I get.~ Hinatas
Infinite Tsukuyomi must have activated because you are everything I’ve dreamed of.~ Hinatas
I’m not Hashirama, Naruto but dreaming about you has made me master Morning Wood Style.~ Hinatas
Hashirama: I could show you a particular kind of Mokuton Jutsu in private if you’d like.~ Hinatas
Girl, have you mastered the Rasengan, because everytime your hand touches me you make me dizzy.~ Hinatas
Tobi is good in bed. ~ Akatsuki
Go out with me or die.~ Akatsuki
Can you charm my “One Eyed Snake”?~ Akatsuki
I’ve two of what most men have only one of.~ Akatsuki
Do you want to see the rest of my piercings?~ Akatsuki
What’s a cute girl like you cost for an hour?~ Akatsuki
I put the three in a threesome. Un, Yeah, Baby!~ Akatsuki
I have an owie on my hand. Will you kiss it better?~ Akatsuki
I can ‘Go At It’ for 72 hours straight without stopping.~ Akatsuki
Beauty is art. Art is a bang. Beautiful, I want to bang you.~ Akatsuki
Hello. I just wanted to show this rose how beautiful you are.~ Akatsuki
Wow! Are you as beautiful as you seem or do you just remind me of myself?~ Akatsuki
Can I take your picture? I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.~ Akatsuki
I shall beat you to within an inch of your life…and then I am going to have you.~ Akatsuki
You look like a refreshing glA$$ of water, And I am the thirsty guy in the world!~ Akatsuki
Why do you look so familiar? Ah yeah, Now I remember you look like my next girlfriend.~ Akatsuki
Do you like tentacles because I just drugged your beverage while you weren’t paying attention?
Your beauty was so distracting it caused me to walk into a wall, So I am going to need your name and number..For insurance reasons.